It’s time to make waves and nautical nonsense with this new collection of completely plastic-free products! From a tropical body balm to fruity bath fizzers – this collection will help customers turn the tide and help keep oceans clean. Findings from Mintel(1) show that plastic pollution remains one of the top three concerns for consumers when it comes to environmental issues in the last two years. Findings from Mintel(1) show that plastic pollution remains one of the top three concerns for consumers when it comes to environmental issues in the

Juggling your work and personal life can feel like an uphill battle, especially for self-employed individuals who wear multiple hats. Throw in the challenges of working in the entertainment sector, with irregular schedules and constant demands, and it becomes even more crucial to find harmony between professional and personal commitments. Larry Soffer, Africa’s leading mentalist, together with his manager and wife, has successfully mastered the art of maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance and is keen to share his valuable tips and captivating stories with others seeking the same. Find your

Internationally acclaimed local designer Matte Nolim brings his skill and love of fashion home in his Pick n Pay Clothing x Matte Nolim range, so that everyday South Africans can wear his colourful yet minimalistic designs. Nolim, born as Siyethemba Duma, is the latest designer to collaborate with Pick n Pay Clothing as part of its Futurewear initiative – a project in partnership with designer Gavin Rajah that mentors young, talented creatives to create a commercial clothing line. Nolim quickly made a name for himself in the local and international

From some of our earliest childhood memories to the latest stages of our adult life, how others perceive us is largely based on our physical appearance. This is significant because it is often others’ perceptions of us that form the basis of our negative self-perception and unhappiness with our appearance. However, we are fortunate to live in an era where small corrections to our appearance through non-invasive cosmetic procedures are more accessible than ever. Allowing us to change what we are physically unhappy with through less invasive and cost-effective ways

Creative behavioural strategist Kim Williams – recently shared her insights as keynote speaker at Decorex 2021, on how we have entered a time where great design has moved past purist notions of practicality and become centred around creating strategies that produce spaces that are mindful and serve our life and work objectives. There is a depth and an insight that we have into what we want from our spaces that Kim refers to as interior intelligence and it is taking interior designers and clients alike on a whole new journey.

If you’re a Beautuber, an MUA (makeup artist) or just a beauty-lover with a TIK TOK obsession – you’ll know the Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blender craze by influencer and hashtag. This revolutionary product is changing the way we face beat! Yup! It’s affectionately known for its baby-like softness, faster application and steak-free finish! Which is a total win if you’re planning a full weekend of close-up content creation. This squad-approved slice of makeup heaven has exploded onto the international beauty scene and will soon be available in SA! Receiving rave

Many women dream of having luscious lashes to brighten up their faces and let their souls shine out to the world. Eyelash extensions are an exciting innovation; when done correctly they can maximise our beauty and minimise our insecurities. Yolandie Venter – Owner entrepreneur of Yolandie’s Lash Extensions Boutique – is an award-winning lash extension expert and shares her top secrets on lash extensions to leave you fluttering with excitement. What are lashes made from? In general, there are three kinds of extensions. Mink, Faux Mink, and Silk. The most

Pick n Pay Clothing is shaking up the local fashion industry by making designer wear more affordable and accessible to its customers by collaboration with three young emerging South African designers – Zarah Cassim and Julia Buchanan from Cape Town, and Sipho Mbuto from Durban. This is a continuation of the partnership launched in 2020 between PnP Clothing and award-winning fashion designer, Gavin Rajah, who will mentor the designers, creating exclusive and limited collections for PnP Clothing over the coming months. “The success of the designer collaborations when first launched

10 Must-Know Facts In our virtually inclined reality, more of us are spending our days running the world through an endless stream of Zoom calls. As we squint against shabby cameras, shoddy lighting and shiny screens we are left feeling vulnerable as we examine every imperfection in our faces. It is not surprising then that the facial aesthetics industry has seen significant growth in non-invasive treatments over the last 18 months. Non-invasive facial enhancements, in general, create structure, soften ageing and remedy sagging. However, certain treatments are tailored to specific

Wife, Mother & Fashion entrepreneur on life and career in a male dominated industry For this year’s National Women’s Day, I want to highlight women in business. I had the pleasure of chatting with wife, mother and business woman, Jessica Molebatsi of eponymous fashion label JessicaJane on how she balances running a business in a male dominated industry and raising a family. There is this erroneous belief that women can’t have it all. But what does “having it all” even mean? While it may mean different things to different people,

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