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So, the day has finally come where I say goodbye holiday, hello reality! If you’re like me, you probably wish you had an additional week of rest and relaxation. The truth is even if you did, it still would never be enough so you might as well jump right in and be grateful you either have a job or school to return to. I wore this outfit last week while out and about in Paarl with my dad and friend. Monochrome is a look that will never go out style,

Let’s be honest, I am super lazy when it comes to exercising.  Two of the reasons being I hate to sweat and another, I wear weaves. It’s difficult to wash your hair everyday when you wear a weave and you kind of have to if you exercise regularly because of all the sweat and dirt build up so I forgo exercise for the sake of my hair. Talk about crippling progress! That’s definitely going to change this year! Exercise will be part of my routine even if I have to

I went in to Dischem a few weeks ago to buy some toiletries when my ever wondering eye rested on the L.A. Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss. Having only ever used their concealer, I was hesitant to splurge and decided on only three of their pigment gloss; Stunner, Bazaar and Instinct. I love colour so I tend to gravitate towards brightly coloured lippies and even though Stunner and Instinct are colours I already own in Mac Heroine and Chilli, I still chose to buy the glosses. The first colour

I’ve always been curious to know if blondes do indeed have more fun so I went the lighter route with my hair. Deep down I knew it wasn’t true that blondes have more fun which is why when my dad asked me after seeing me in this top, “do blondes have more fun?” my immediate answer was a resounding “NO!”. The truth is confident women have more fun. Confidence can be aggrandized through social, academic and or professional status. It can also be enhanced through external factors like one’s style,

Happy New Year beautiful people! Yay to my first post of the year! I’m beyond thrilled and grateful to have this platform to share my love of clothes, style and beauty. It has been incredibly hot in the Western Cape – even for summer – and so I try to wear as little as possible. This past Saturday, my friend and I made plans to go to the beach and instead of wearing a swimwear, I opted for this casual and summery outfit of shorts, crochet half top and a

This is my third and final New Year’s Eve look. Something about metallic dresses that screams “New Year Party Outfit”. This one is definitely for the club! I hope I’ve inspired you with my three outfit choices. What are you doing for New Year’s Eve and which of the three would wear? Dress: Mr Price Heels: Steve Madden  

Here’s a second outfit choice for New Year’s Eve. This can be worn to a club or even a house party. It’s sexy, comfortable and free flowing so you can dance all night long in this dress, if you so desire. I can’t remember where I bought the dress from but I do remember when I bought it, it was longer in length and came with a camisole almost the same length as the dress. I felt the dress needed to be shorter and so I shortened it. And because I

The year is fast coming to an end and while some of you have already set up plans for new year’s eve, you may be struggling deciding on what to wear. Whatever your plans, every woman wants to look great on New Year’s Eve so I’ve put together three looks that can be worn to a show, the club or restaurant and whatever other places people go to on New Year’s Eve. This first look is a dress I designed. I initially had it made for a friend’s wedding and haven’t

Yesterday, I promised you a second Christmas inspired look. Today, I am delivering on that promise :). This dress is the perfect Christmas day outfit. Not only can you wear it to church, but you also won’t have to change into something more comfortable when you indulge on the Christmas feast. The cinched waist and flared bottom make it the perfect dress to hide a stuffed belly. I love the colours on the dress and the sexy cut at the back. I said in my previous post that Christmas is all about

With Christmas just a week away, I am pretty sure everyone who celebrates the day have already bought gifts and food for friends and family. If you haven’t, shame on you! Just kidding. The outfit you wear is just as important as the gift and the meal of the day. I’m a foodie (don’t be fooled by my frame) and for me, Christmas lunch and or dinner is the highlight of the day. For some of you, you probably start the day by going to church. The real celebration is

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