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Jackie Burger’s Salon 58 I had the privilege of attending my first ever Jackie Burger soiree, an event that took place last week Saturday, 13 August 2016 at the P.J Olivier Art Centre. The theme for the show was Awaken Grace in celebration of Women’s Month. Jackie Burger is a South African style icon, she was an editor at Elle magazine and holds a lot of clout in the South African fashion industry – she is sort of like the Anna Wintour of South Africa except she is much more experimental in

“What is preppy style?” you may ask.  I am no expert but I know enough to say categorically that preppy style is clean, sophisticated and even suave. If you’ve ever watched the television show, Gossip Girl, you will most likely be familiar with the main character, Blair Waldorf. Blair is an upper class white girl and her style can best be described as preppy – very Ivy League and refined. The preppy look most often than not denotes wealth – like you belong on a yatcht, playing water polo or something.

When it comes to wearing colour, some people love it, others hate it and some are afraid of it. I for one love colour, be it in my clothing, makeup or even décor items – it just grabs my attention. One thing we can all agree on is that colour is eye-catching and that may be why some people are afraid of it especially because if you’re the timid sort and don’t like attention. The myth is that once you pass a certain age, you must be demure in your

Sweaters are the easiest and most comfortable way of dressing warm this winter. The weather has been pretty mild, not too cold for winter, so you can get away with wearing two layers underneath your sweater without much need for a coat. A sweater can be worn in multiple ways and for multiple occasions. It’s easy for many of us to complain and say “I have nothing to wear” – it usually isn’t true. There is plenty to wear, the styling inspiration is often what’s lacking. Sweaters are no longer

I’ve said many times that I often dress according to my mood. I dress to reflect or improve my mood. Often, when I wear black, I’m either in a sombre mood or I’m feeling sexy and powerful. In this particular post, it is the latter. Black is such an easy colour, it is the perfect colour to wear on those days you don’t feel your best and can’t be bothered to find an outfit to match. Head-to-toe black is not only an easy look to pull off but it is

If you’re a Dolly Parton fan, you’ll know my post title was inspired by one of her songs but today’s post is not about dear old Dolly but about my coat. I first came across the coat in an emailer from Spree about four months ago. You see, I’ve been obsessing over Frida Kahlo for quite some time, ever since I saw the movie Frida, a biography on the artist, I was enamoured. I must admit I didn’t quite know who she was until I saw the movie and when

Yes, winter has officially started – it is freaking coooollllddd so eating well and keeping warm is a must! Speaking of keeping warm, I was looking through my wardrobe yesterday morning trying to find something to wear and I came to the sad realisation that I didn’t have quite as many winter outfits as I thought I had – whomp whomp. My instinctive response was to go shopping but the reality is I CANNOT afford to, so what’s a girl to do? Get creative, that’s what! I’ve always loved winter

Ever since the boyfriend jeans came into trend over 9 years ago, I’ve been a fan. I first saw them on Katie Holmes, with the hem rolled up – they looked so chic, I just knew I had to have them! The distressed look is in now with boyfriend jeans. In fact, what’s trending is jeans that are so ripped, they look like they are coming apart. The more skin one can see through your jeans, the trendier! Most of us wear our boyfriend jeans rolled up at the hem

To celebrate the launch of  its high winter collection – Fall for Winter, Zando is giving one lucky thediscerningstylist reader a R500 voucher. The Fall for Winter collection boasts a militant inspired edge, curated to bring out the bold and celebrate the cold with its varied stylish pieces. The collection relies heavily on natural architectural balance provided by the shoot landscape. “Structural minimalism with a naturally lush setting established the perfect foundation for our Winter 2016 shoot. The texturally rich backdrop lent itself to each trend without disruption, enabling each look to

What’s the point of fashion if you’re not going to have fun with it? Fashion is tied up with modernity, it is always about what is trending. Although, fashion is always recycled, it is recreated in a way that it makes it relevant to present time. True, trends come and go but the ability to reinvent clothing is the secret to having fun with fashion. I am the first to admit that I don’t always buy what’s in fashion. Sure, I am aware of the latest trend but I won’t

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