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Winter is here and if you haven’t done your winter clothing shopping, don’t stress. You can “winterise” your summer wardrobe and here’s how: They say layering is the best way to keep warm and I agree! Never underestimate the power of a camisole under a chunky cardigan. Tights are THE best way to keep your legs warm this winter. I winterised my summer outfit by wearing tights underneath my shorts which I paired with boots- because no winter look is complete without boots. I wore a cardigan over the outfit

Looking good isn’t ever about how much money you have in your bank account or what designer you’re wearing – just ask Hollywood celebrities. Looking good is about knowing where to shop, what to shop and most importantly understanding your body shape and dressing appropriately. I wouldn’t use the word “fashionable” to describe myself, I would rather say stylish. I buy what I like and not necessarily what I know to be in fashion. I’ve had some of my clothes for 5 years and even longer. I do recycle and

Autumn is here and so it’s time to dig up your long forgotten sweaters and coats from storage. But if you’re like me, a change in season is the perfect excuse to go shopping ;). Zando recently launched their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Whatever your style, you’re guaranteed to find something for you. Here are my top 5 from the collection:     Shop the looks here .

The jumpsuit was a big trend in 2014 and fast forward two years later, it’s still going strong. There is something about this jumpsuit that makes me feel fierce, like Beyonce. You can dress it up or down – I went for the “dress up” look with the fringe necklace and heels. What are your thoughts on the jumpsuit trend? Fading or here to stay? Jumpsuit: Jet Fringe Neckpiece : Lovisa Sunglasses & Heels : Legit  

When it comes to styling, you have be creative -within reason of course! Just because something looks good on your friend doesn’t mean it’ll complement your body shape, even if you are similar in stature. I believe that you can be inspired by someone else’s outfit but a little originality goes a long way. Originality is key when your wardrobe is limited because you don’t want to end up looking like you’re wearing the same thing day in, day out. This polka dot dress is actually a skirt which I

This post title is inspired by the song, Second Hand Rose by Barbara Streisand, LOVE that song! As you may have guessed, today’s post is about second-hand clothing. Not to be confused with vintage clothing as explained in my post here. I have never been one to be ashamed of buying second-hand clothing. As a second born child, I have an older sister and so I was and still am quite familiar with “hand me downs”. As a matter of fact, I get hand me downs from friends and vice-versa.

I haven’t been as active on the blog as I’d like to be. Call it life, call it lack of inspiration, call it underwhelmation! Yes, I said underwhelmation and yup, I made it up! Underwhelmation is the feeling of being underwhelmed, not to be confused with overwhelmed. Since this is not an English lesson post, I’ll get right into it. Today’s post is wedding related.  I have fortunately or unfortunately never been a bridesmaid. Not that I haven’t been asked because at my age, friends are having kids and getting


No not Roberto Cavalli, hopefully some day soon – Cavalli Stud Farm . The only adjective I can think of to describe this venue is quite simply, exquisite! The landscape is just glorious and the only place that completely impresses me on the scale of Cavalli is Delaire Graff. Although, having been to both venues an equal number of times, the jury is still out on which of the two I prefer. At the moment, I am more inclined to say I favour Cavalli over Delaire Graff but only because of the shop

Often times, what we wear is a reflection of how we feel on the inside. When I’m in a sombre mood, I wear black. I can even go as far as to wear black lipstick. But when I’m in a good mood or want to make an extra effort, I tend to go for colourful clothing like yellow. Yellow is a colour often associated with sunshine and happiness. I think spring/summer, beaches and cocktails. Not everyone can pull off yellow but luckily I can! Just as painting your room can

Is there a difference between vintage and second hand clothing? Yes there is! I’ve used these two interchangeably in the past but they are NOT the same! And now that I know better I think it’s only fair to share that knowledge with you because sharing is caring. Vintage clothing is generally clothing from the 1920’s or 20 years before present day. So any clothing from 1996 or older would be considered vintage to us now. Then there is “vintage style” clothing which is an imitation – can be brand

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