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This post title is inspired by the song, Second Hand Rose by Barbara Streisand, LOVE that song! As you may have guessed, today’s post is about second-hand clothing. Not to be confused with vintage clothing as explained in my post here. I have never been one to be ashamed of buying second-hand clothing. As a second born child, I have an older sister and so I was and still am quite familiar with “hand me downs”. As a matter of fact, I get hand me downs from friends and vice-versa.

I haven’t been as active on the blog as I’d like to be. Call it life, call it lack of inspiration, call it underwhelmation! Yes, I said underwhelmation and yup, I made it up! Underwhelmation is the feeling of being underwhelmed, not to be confused with overwhelmed. Since this is not an English lesson post, I’ll get right into it. Today’s post is wedding related.  I have fortunately or unfortunately never been a bridesmaid. Not that I haven’t been asked because at my age, friends are having kids and getting


No not Roberto Cavalli, hopefully some day soon – Cavalli Stud Farm . The only adjective I can think of to describe this venue is quite simply, exquisite! The landscape is just glorious and the only place that completely impresses me on the scale of Cavalli is Delaire Graff. Although, having been to both venues an equal number of times, the jury is still out on which of the two I prefer. At the moment, I am more inclined to say I favour Cavalli over Delaire Graff but only because of the shop

Often times, what we wear is a reflection of how we feel on the inside. When I’m in a sombre mood, I wear black. I can even go as far as to wear black lipstick. But when I’m in a good mood or want to make an extra effort, I tend to go for colourful clothing like yellow. Yellow is a colour often associated with sunshine and happiness. I think spring/summer, beaches and cocktails. Not everyone can pull off yellow but luckily I can! Just as painting your room can

Is there a difference between vintage and second hand clothing? Yes there is! I’ve used these two interchangeably in the past but they are NOT the same! And now that I know better I think it’s only fair to share that knowledge with you because sharing is caring. Vintage clothing is generally clothing from the 1920’s or 20 years before present day. So any clothing from 1996 or older would be considered vintage to us now. Then there is “vintage style” clothing which is an imitation – can be brand

I was at the H&M store at V&A Waterfront last week after a colleague mentioned they were having an annual sale.  Not one to let a good thing pass me by, I went in after work to have a look see. I wasn’t impressed with the store the first time I visited but that was because unbeknownst to me, I only saw parts of the store. I was however, pleasantly surprised to see the endless clothing options they had to offer the second time I went in. My first impression

There is something about this dress paired with the black hat that seems “witch” like to me. The black hat is really what inspires the witch look, in my mind. If witches were elegant and stylish,(not to say that they are not, I just don’t know any real life witches) I would imagine their wardrobe would consist of all kinds of  black dresses and black wide brimmed hats like this one. Dress: Jay Jays Hat: Woolworths (old- given to me by a friend) Green Pearl necklace (gift from my mum, sorry!)

I am my most stylish when I am with my friend, Shalamar. We have been friends for close to 11 years and she is one of the rare people I occasionally ask for styling advice because she is one stylish lady! Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty darn stylish myself. I am the discerningstylist after all! As a matter of fact, my first words as a toddler were Prada instead of Dada and Miu Miu instead of Mummy. On a serious note, I hardly ever take style advice from anyone.

So, the day has finally come where I say goodbye holiday, hello reality! If you’re like me, you probably wish you had an additional week of rest and relaxation. The truth is even if you did, it still would never be enough so you might as well jump right in and be grateful you either have a job or school to return to. I wore this outfit last week while out and about in Paarl with my dad and friend. Monochrome is a look that will never go out style,

I’ve always been curious to know if blondes do indeed have more fun so I went the lighter route with my hair. Deep down I knew it wasn’t true that blondes have more fun which is why when my dad asked me after seeing me in this top, “do blondes have more fun?” my immediate answer was a resounding “NO!”. The truth is confident women have more fun. Confidence can be aggrandized through social, academic and or professional status. It can also be enhanced through external factors like one’s style,

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