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Yesterday, I promised you a second Christmas inspired look. Today, I am delivering on that promise :). This dress is the perfect Christmas day outfit. Not only can you wear it to church, but you also won’t have to change into something more comfortable when you indulge on the Christmas feast. The cinched waist and flared bottom make it the perfect dress to hide a stuffed belly. I love the colours on the dress and the sexy cut at the back. I said in my previous post that Christmas is all about

With Christmas just a week away, I am pretty sure everyone who celebrates the day have already bought gifts and food for friends and family. If you haven’t, shame on you! Just kidding. The outfit you wear is just as important as the gift and the meal of the day. I’m a foodie (don’t be fooled by my frame) and for me, Christmas lunch and or dinner is the highlight of the day. For some of you, you probably start the day by going to church. The real celebration is

I was given complimentary tickets to the Franschhoek MCC & Champagne Festival and I went with none other than my Papa. The theme of the day was black and white with a hint of bling and I chose to wear this long sleeved, white lace top with a printed long skirt and gold hooped earrings. I knew the venue was going to be crowded and busy and so we made a pit stop to take pictures for the blog at La Motte . My dad was the honorary photographer of the day and

Its been pretty sizzling in Cape Town the past couple of days. Short of going out the house naked, I decided to wear as little as possible but still keep a modicum of decency since I had to be at the office. I was channeling my inner hipster with this ensemble, although the heels are not exactly “hipster”. Be that as it may, my style is not governed by rules. I wear what I want when I want and how I want. Here’s to wishing you a fab weekend, stay cool and

I think more than half my wardrobe consist of dresses. I love dresses; I love clothing that requires little fuss, yet when worn looks like you made an effort. A dress, in my opinion, enhances a woman’s femininity. It adds a certain softness and elegance to your look. From the way it hugs your curves or even when it hangs loosely on your body, it has the ability to seduce and suggest – tastefully of course! Aside from the visual impression, a dress is easily the most comfortable thing to wear.

Anyone who knows me or has taken pictures of me for my blog knows how tightly wound up I get until I’ve had my pictures taken. I generally prefer my pictures taken before I do anything fun because I tend to be somewhat tense and on edge until the picture taking process is complete. This is generally because I’m anxious about  my make-up and lighting; both of which you can’t take for granted when it comes to photography. However, this day was a little different. My friend had come to visit

I work with a stylish group of people. They each have their own unique style and for a style conscious person like myself, I find pleasure in observing how each person’s personality is reflected in the way they dress. I have always been a fan of jeans and tees. It requires minimum fuss and depending on how you style it; you can either pull of a smart or casual look. Last week, two of my colleagues came in to work in identical colour denims and t-shirts and I couldn’t help

Sunset Affair

This is a second outfit worn on the same day as the Saturday I showed my friend around the lovely town of Stellenbosch. I have the most interesting and fabulous friends and one thing I seem to have in common with most of my friends is a love of the finer things. It is this love that led my friend to suggest we change into something more formal and go somewhere fancy for dinner. Our evening did not turn out as planned. We decided on Tokara or Pierneef a La Motte but both were

One Fine Day

I relocated to Cape Town nine months ago and even though it’s been challenging, it’s also been exciting. The challenging part for me has not only been trying to settle in to a new home, of which I’ve had to do three and half times since I relocated, but making new friends. The older you get, the more difficult it is to make friends. You become jaded, probably fallen out with a handful of friends either because they owe you money, they hooked up with your boyfriend,  they’re bi-polar or the

I’m far from sad, don’t be fooled by my post title. As a blogger, one of the many things you struggle with are blog titles. I debated many titles before deciding on Summertime Sadness which just happens to be one of my favourite songs by Lana Del Ray. I wore this look two weekends ago when it was warm. I can’t believe how soon we’ve moved to spring, it seems like it was just summer yesterday. It just goes to show, seasons do change and even though it may rain

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