Fashion Forward – Ankara hemmed denim

ankara hemmed denim

To be fashion-forward is to be interested in fashion and wearing things that will soon become very fashionable. A fashion-forward person is not afraid to take risks and set trends. Sometimes it can be a miss and other times it can be a hit.

At the core of my being is a fashion designer. I can’t draw/sketch to save my life but I can think of creative clothing styles (in my head) that are simple and ready-to-wear. I’m really good when it comes to altering existing clothing designs. Take this boyfriend jeans for example, it went from threadbare and distressed to outright ripped with my bare thighs sticking out thanks to a trusty pair of scissors.

I took my DIY a little further and decided to add Ankara to the hem of the jeans. It was an idea that popped into my head, late one evening. Considering how Ankara has been used for EVERYTHING, I was surprised to find that the Ankara hemmed denim had not been discovered by other designers.

I  love the look as it adds a little “je ne sais quoi” to the rolled up jeans look.  What are your thoughts on the Ankara hemmed denim, would you rock it?

Boob tube top – Sissy Boy

Distressed boyfriend jeans – Mr Price (custom design by me)

Heels – Woolworths

Sling bag – H&M

Fishnets – Almost Famous CT


Photography by Deji Haastrup

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