Friends, Boys and Crushes – Let’s get candid!

Today’s post is juicier than most as you may probably have guessed by the title of friends, boys and crushes. I am in Nigeria and have been for some time, I am currently awaiting the outcome of my visa application – it’s been over 6 weeks since I applied. At this point, people are beginning to ask me if I’ve moved back home. All I can say is, “If it is God’s will”.

hard rock cafe

Hard Rock Café

As uncertain as my future is at this point, I am trying really hard to go with the flow, keep busy and stay positive. In doing so, I am going out, meeting new people, and reconnecting with old friends.

Yesterday, I went out with two of my girlfriends from high school. We went to Hard Rock Café in VI, Lagos.

When I go out in Lagos – when I go out anywhere really – I’m looking for a location with a view. I’ve been told by friends that Hard Rock Café has a great view of the ocean. They weren’t lying.

hard rock cafe

The outdoor area looks like the perfect holiday resort destination. We didn’t get to sit outside and enjoy the view because it was raining but I managed to snap some pictures before I left. The food wasn’t amazing although our waiter was great. I ordered a club sandwich which I had to send back to the kitchen because the bread tasted stale. The kitchen made me a fresh batch of sandwiches and the waiter wanted to make sure I was happy, so, he stood at our table while I had my first bite to guarantee my satisfaction.

The bill came with the service charge included which I didn’t mind because we had such a nice waiter but would have been annoyed by had the service been terrible. Overall, it wasn’t a bad experience but it wasn’t a great experience either, it was average. Will I go back? I don’t think I will.


Single in the City

I like this heading, I just might do a series of posts on being single in the city. My brother thinks it’s a terrible idea, what do you think?

So, while my friends and are catching up, talking about boys, being single and work, I brought up the topic of some attractive guy I met at an event I attended a few weeks ago.

This guy is a photographer, and he happened to be around at the time I wanted to take a picture with the host of the event. He offered to take a picture of us (I didn’t know at the time that he was a photographer), it was the way he positioned himself while clicking that gave him away. I asked if he was a photographer, he confirmed that he was and made a joke about how well I pronounced ‘photographer’. I thanked him for taking the pictures as I headed out, certain I was never going to see him again because why would I? It was just an ordinary encounter…

My camera cover had been missing for days. The last time I had it was at the event with the ‘photographer’. I was certain I’d lost it there and would never see it again. But days after I had given up on ever getting my camera cover back,  I received a text message saying the photographer had it.  Excited to get my cover back,  I call him up and arranged to collect it from his house.

I arrived at his house, thanked him for keeping my camera cover, we exchanged some banter, I got to pet his very cute and fluffy dog and we ended the conversation with a light promise to meet up before I leave the country. I left, mesmerised and thinking I had made a new and interesting friend in Lagos. I’m not sure who I was more mesmerised by though; him or the dog. Probably the latter.

I thought there possibly was an attraction to explore with the photographer and I expected him to call me because if a guy is interested, he’ll find an excuse to call. Right?

As much of a feminist as I pride myself to be, I am kinda backwards when it comes to matters of this nature. I like being chased and enjoy the early stages of getting to know someone you fancy. Anyway, days turn into a week and the photographer did not call. I noticed he hadn’t even liked any of my recent pictures on Instagram even though he liked about 10 of them when he initially started following me. Maybe he’s not into you, I thought. It’s not the first time I’ve misread signals.

Chatting to my friends yesterday, I casually bring up my encounter with the photographer and want to know if it’ll be too forward of me to initiate the first contact. One of my friends’ asks for a description and name of the guy, one thing led to another, she brought out her phone and showed me the DMs she’d exchanged on Instagram with my ‘photographer’, most of which were of him salivating over her pictures. Needless to say, my interest dissipated and I was strangely disappointed to know he was attracted to my friend. 🙁

I guess you win some and lose some. I’m a sucker for nice guys, they’re my kryptonite. If he’s nice and smells good, I’m already halfway in love, it doesn’t even matter what he looks like. The moral of my story is to encourage women to talk about their crushes with their girlfriends.  If I hadn’t said anything, I wouldn’t have known that he’s throwing bones at my friend. No woman wants a man who had or has a ‘thing’ for their friend. You don’t want to start dating someone and have serious feelings for him only to find out that he was or is interested in your friend.

If you’ve had a similar experience, or you’re like me, a sucker for nice guys, please comment below. xo

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