Lush Roots Hair Treatment and Shampoo Bar review

As with fashion and beauty, hair is up there on the list of things I love. It doesn’t matter how well dressed you are or how fantastic your makeup looks, I strongly believe your hair has to look equally as good. I for one feel my worst when I have a bad hair day –  it affects my mood and how I dress. Ever since I could afford to buy human hair, I’ve been wearing weaves and hair extensions,  all of which have caused severe damage to my own hair. My hair has thinned out considerably and my dear and lovely sister was so bothered by this, she bought me some products from Lush. Today’s post is a review on those products but first, let me share a little bit about my hair journey.


Two years ago, I started contemplating doing something drastic with my hair because I wanted a change and I had also suffered hair loss, particularly in my front hairline which was beginning to recede. The receding hairline is hereditary – from my mother’s side, however, the weaves and cornrows placed too much strain on my scalp and it started to affect the growth and health of my hair. The thought of joining the natural hair movement was something I seriously contemplated but after much deliberation, I decided that the best way to manage and tame my hair is with chemicals so instead of going natural and starting afresh, I cut my relaxed shoulder length hair and went for a pixie cut which was inspired by Rihanna.

I felt good after the chop. It was nice to be able to feel air on my head, run my hands through my hair and feel my scalp without having to by pass lines of wefts. At the time, it was a new beginning for me and it was a way of starting my healthy hair journey without having to shave everything off and without going natural, which I know to be A LOT of maintenance. I made a vow to myself then to take better care of my hair. Less than two weeks after my haircut, I started to get bored and was missing having long hair so I went back to the “weave life”. Fast forward two years later and my hair is right back to where it was two years ago. Receding hairline, hair falling off, uneven hairs and a miserable me.


What to do this time, I pondered. It’s only been a few months but I have been wearing my own hair more often and weaves less. If and when I do a weave, I ask the hair stylist not to plait the front hair. However, the weaves alone are not to blame for the poor condition of my hair, I am convinced the chemicals I put in my hair is doing more damage than good. The relaxer thins my hair which results in my hair falling out and so for the first time today, I tried Lush’s Roots Hair Treatment for thin and fine hair and their Stimulating Spice Shampoo Bar.

I applied the Roots treatment to my unwashed hair by dividing my hair into four sections and applied the treatment to my scalp and roots till my hair had that look you get when you’ve just applied relaxer. I massaged the treatment into my hair with the pad of my fingers for about 5 minutes even though it said 15 – 20 minutes on the package but hey, my arms were aching! I left the treatment in my hair for a little over 30 minutes (without covering). The treatment gave my scalp a nice tingling sensation which must have been from the mint oils.


After the 30 minutes were up, I got in the shower and rubbed the Shampoo Bar into my wet hair working it into a nice lather (a little goes a long way). I did this twice and my scalp felt squeaky clean, unlike any other feeling I’d ever had after shampooing my hair. I then applied a Clicks brand hair conditioner to my wet hair after I had washed the shampoo off. I combed my hair while I still had the conditioner in and rinsed off with water after 30 seconds. I then let my hair air dry.

My hair looked surprisingly fuller while it was still wet and glossy after it was dry even though I didn’t use hair serum or any kind of moisturiser. It’s too soon to make any claims but I am happy with the results from my first try and will continue to use this product with the hopes of having “fabulous hair with added body” because after all, that’s what every girl wants isn’t it?

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