This post title is inspired by the song, Second Hand Rose by Barbara Streisand, LOVE that song! As you may have guessed, today’s post is about second-hand clothing. Not to be confused with vintage clothing as explained in my post here. I have never been one to be ashamed of buying second-hand clothing. As a second born child, I have an older sister and so I was and still am quite familiar with “hand me downs”. As a matter of fact, I get hand me downs from friends and vice-versa.

I haven’t been as active on the blog as I’d like to be. Call it life, call it lack of inspiration, call it underwhelmation! Yes, I said underwhelmation and yup, I made it up! Underwhelmation is the feeling of being underwhelmed, not to be confused with overwhelmed. Since this is not an English lesson post, I’ll get right into it. Today’s post is wedding related.  I have fortunately or unfortunately never been a bridesmaid. Not that I haven’t been asked because at my age, friends are having kids and getting

For those of you Kardashian lovers wondering where to get your hands on the Kardashian Beauty Hair Collection in the country, wonder no more! This glam hair collection is just a click away at Zando. Now you too can look like a Kardashian ;). Shop the products here .  

The Kiss

I’d heard about Lush from other bloggers on Instagram but not one to give in to hypes, I  only popped in store for the first time EVER this week – just in time for Valentine’s Day. I am what one can term a lover of all things womanly. If it makes you look or smell good, I’ll buy it! So you can imagine how I felt when I walked into Lush at The Waterfront this Wednesday. Kid at a candy store is an understatement in describing how I felt, perhaps Alice in

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