I think more than half my wardrobe consist of dresses. I love dresses; I love clothing that requires little fuss, yet when worn looks like you made an effort. A dress, in my opinion, enhances a woman’s femininity. It adds a certain softness and elegance to your look. From the way it hugs your curves or even when it hangs loosely on your body, it has the ability to seduce and suggest – tastefully of course! Aside from the visual impression, a dress is easily the most comfortable thing to wear.

Anyone who knows me or has taken pictures of me for my blog knows how tightly wound up I get until I’ve had my pictures taken. I generally prefer my pictures taken before I do anything fun because I tend to be somewhat tense and on edge until the picture taking process is complete. This is generally because I’m anxious about  my make-up and lighting; both of which you can’t take for granted when it comes to photography. However, this day was a little different. My friend had come to visit

Get beach ready!

The weather in Cape Town has been pretty annoying, to say the least. It changes between  cold + windy, hot + sunny and wet + rainy and you can even have all four seasons of the year in one day. It’s no wonder people keep falling ill! Not minding the confused weather, a girl still has to prepare for the hot and sunny days to come. Nothing says summer more than a trip or 10 to the beach and no beach trip is complete without  swimwear. When it comes to purchasing

I work with a stylish group of people. They each have their own unique style and for a style conscious person like myself, I find pleasure in observing how each person’s personality is reflected in the way they dress. I have always been a fan of jeans and tees. It requires minimum fuss and depending on how you style it; you can either pull of a smart or casual look. Last week, two of my colleagues came in to work in identical colour denims and t-shirts and I couldn’t help

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