What to wear as a wedding guest

I rarely attend weddings but when I do, I make sure I wear the best. Deciding on what to wear, as a guest to a wedding can be quite nerve-wracking. I never want to be under-dressed to a wedding, it’s just not a good look.

When you’re invited to a wedding, you most likely know many months’ in advance, minimum of one month, so you have plenty of time to save to buy the perfect outfit if you have nothing suitable in your wardrobe. Showing up in a simple outfit to a wedding is almost like saying to the bride, “your wedding ain’t shit”, or at least that’s how I’d take it if it were my wedding. I generally jump on any excuse to dress up so when I received the invite to the wedding I attended yesterday and the dress code requested was “elegant evening”, I knew I had to pick something special from my wardrobe or go shopping. I went with the former.

I’ve had this black and green, half velvet, half satin dress in my wardrobe for quite some time. I bought it at a vintage store called Tiger and Rose in Johannesburg more than four years ago and I was in love with it at the time.

Less than 24hrs later,  I realised it was too “costumey” and not something I could wear to any event other thanto a Halloween party. The dress pre-alteration looked like something out of a Disney movie, it literally looked like a Snow White dress but instead of getting rid of it, I held onto it in the hopes that I would someday wear it. Four years later, it was altered and made to look good enough to wear to a wedding thanks to my good eye and ability to hold on to clothing. 🙂

I have a ‘nice’ back or so I’ve been told – more than once, I might add – so the decision to make the dress an off-shoulder one was a no brainer, plus the style is currently trending, so yes, there is also that.

I received so many compliments on the dress and fabulous purse that I began to feel uncomfortable at the wedding. Every third person had something to say about the look I’d put together and if you know me, you know I’m uncomfortable with too many compliments. Although, it was nice to know that people liked the dress so much and that my gamble to change it from the original design to something more modern and glamorous paid off.

Thoughts on the dress? Would you wear it to a wedding or somewhere else?

Earrings from Juditha Sakinofsky.

Feather purse by Rarity – Juditha Sakinofsky. Handmade in South Africa at the foot of Table Mountain. To view the collection, visit www.juditha.co.za and or www.rarity.co.za .

Heels Superbalist by Daisy Street

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