Are you just starting out as an influencer or have you been at it for a while but still have no clue what you’re doing? There are so many free and paid resources out there but it can get overwhelming filtering through the best one for you. I only started to take my content creation journey seriously this year. I didn’t realise how little I knew but thought I knew. Brands I love were reaching out to me so I thought I must be doing something right. If a brand

It’s literally the second to the last day of the month of July. Meaning August is a day away or it will be by the time you read this. How did this year fly by yet not? It is undoubtedly the most difficult year for everyone but you know, you have to try to find the positive in any negative situation. And right now there are a few things to be thankful for. Life, health, family and the fact that we can eat at restaurants even without alcohol are all

Make Money As an Influencer with LadyBossBlogger My Journey as an Influencer I recently decided to take my content creation journey seriously. I have been blogging for about 7 years now and have had my Instagram account with close to 9 thousand followers for 4 years. But I haven’t actually made any money from it. Sure I’ve had some PR products sent to me and collaborated with some of my favourite brands with sponsored posts here and there but nothing that’s made me feel like I can turn my passion

When I asked my supporters on Instagram what they struggle with the most when it comes to style, quite a few listed finding their style as a challenge. And so, today’s post is dedicated to you. If you struggle to find your style and need some help in that department then you are in good company. Because in today’s post, I’m sharing 5 ways to find your style. And by the end of this article, you’ll leave feeling more confident and in tune with your personal style. But first, what

How is your mental health? I know that I am not alone when I say my mental health has taken a beating during this period. I have gone through a range of emotions from relief, anger, despair, overwhelm to mental exhaustion. As a content creator, creating has been an outlet for me. Something to make me feel excited, something to look forward to doing because there is not much I look forward to doing these days. While I don’t have a child or children to look after, I feel like

I love shopping, it’s an actual problem. But being self-employed and now with the COVID-19 situation, things are going to have to change. My love for clothes and shopping isn’t going to just go away but I intend to make smarter decisions with my shopping and help you do the same. This year, I promised to choose quality over quantity. Better to have 5 quality pieces in your wardrobe than 100 cheap, trendy items. So how am I going to be thrifty yet invest in quality pieces? Vintage shopping of

Are you a blogger or an aspiring one? If you answered yes then I’ve got something for you. Something you need but you may not know that you need. Something that will make your life so much easier. It will elevate your content and take it from a C to an A+. And if you are still new to this blogging business and you haven’t even found your niche then hold your horses!  First head over to my Youtube channel to watch a video I put together just for YOU

David Tlale to Unveil Latest Collection Through a Virtual Fashion Show Get excited!  I know I am. We are in for a virtual treat as David Tlale launches his latest fashion collection. Whoop, Whoop! This collection will be unveiled on Monday,  13 April 2020 at 19H15 on and across his social media platforms. Even more exciting for me is that the collection is sustainable. Here’s what we know: The House of David Tlale on Monday, April 13, will launch a new sustainability friendly and COVID-19 compliant “Fashion Trend”. The

Life is definitely very dark and depressing right now. I left my house today- for the first time since the lockdown – to buy groceries and I damn near cried. Everything I saw seemed pretty apocalyptic. Everyone wearing masks, barely any cars or people on the streets, it was sobering and a little depressing. It’s good to keep abreast of the news, stay informed, practice good hygiene and stay home. But it’s also good to escape from reality every now and again. I love watching movies and that definitely helps

Why Fashion Matters Okay so maybe fashion is the last thing on your mind during this global crisis but a little retail therapy might be just the thing to lift your spirits. We need a whole of positivity and some inspiration right now. Our president, Cyril Ramaphosa just announced mere hours ago that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has doubled. It went up to 116 confirmed cases! But we all need to live our lives – in isolation or not – and what better way to

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