1 Slip Dress Styled 6 Different Ways

When it comes to style, I love the idea of being able to style an item of clothing in several different ways.

I enjoy the challenge of thinking outside the box and coming up with more than one way of wearing a piece of clothing.

Everyone wants to look “brand new”, unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to do so.  But when you invest in quality, versatile pieces, there is no reason you can’t wear it again and again and look different each time you do.

It’s a lazy and expensive mentality to think you need to buy an outfit each time you have an event to attend. With the right clothing, you can transform from casual to formal by just adding accessories.

This simple slip dress is an example of a versatile piece you need in your wardrobe. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would take me places. I didn’t even have to think too much and I came up with 6, maybe 7 ways to style it.

Look 1

A simple, casual look

Dress – Cotton On on Superbalist

Look 2

Formal look, wedding guest inspired look

Corporate/professional look

Bag – Aldo

Shoes – Greencross SA

Look 3

Office/work wear

T-shirt – H&M

Skirt – Cotton On dress worn as a skirt

Heels – Superbalist

Look 4 

Another wedding guest inspired look

Skirt – Superbalist

Heels – Public Desire on Zando

Look 5

Casual/school look

Sweater – Mr Price

Sunglasses – Zululookbook

Look 6

Edgy, weekend look

Bag – Zara

T-shirt – H&M

Which is your favourite look of all?

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