10 Ways To Be A Fearless Girl Boss

I see this everywhere, girl boss this, girl boss that. There is even a book by Sophia Amoruso called Girl Boss. Although I haven’t read the book, I can deduce what it’s about just from the title. Our aspirations as women are changing for the better. College education, getting a good job or starting a business are just some of the things women now prioritise in their lives. I am proud to say my generation – millennials – are doing big things and want more from life than to be ‘kept’. We want more than to marry a rich man or at least a man who earns more than we do. We don’t even mind being the breadwinner because we are ambitious and fearless and all that we ask for in return is an equally ambitious partner who loves us and is loyal.

Male rappers and musicians like Neyo have released songs celebrating independent women, women who make their own money and pay their own bills. It seems like more than looks and being a homemaker, men (even musicians) want an independent woman who can take care of herself.

In an ever-changing society where a woman’s ambition makes her desirable to a man and admirable to a woman, here are 10 ways to be a fearless girl boss:
1. Be confident

It goes without saying that a girl boss is confident. The way you present yourself, starting from the way you dress to the way you speak are the first things people notice about you. Always dress for success and speak with authority. Some people believe in the saying “fake it till you make it” – I don’t. People can tell when you’re not being yourself and that can backfire. So, be confident but be authentic.

    2. Be selective with your crowd

When you know who you are, it becomes easy for you to know who you want in your life and who you don’t. A girl boss is selective about the group of people she associates with. This does not mean you have to be disingenuous or that you should only surround yourself with people who can do something for you or that make you look good. It simply means befriending people not only because of their accomplishments but also because of who they are as a person. Do they talk negatively about others, do they lie? Good character is more important than accomplishments, so choose wisely.

   3. Be assertive but kind

Assertiveness is one of the qualities a good leader should possess. Mean what you say and say what you mean. No one likes or respects a flaky boss – be firm. On the other hand, kindness is also appreciated. Don’t speak to your subordinates like they’re idiots even if they are. Kindness goes a long way and a girl boss knows how to be both assertive and kind in order to earn respect.

   4. Be goal oriented

You can’t be a girl boss without setting goals for yourself. Write your goals, work on your goals and achieve your goals. The moment you stop having goals is the moment life loses its meaning.

   5. Be direct and to the point

Don’t beat around the bush to make a point. Be clear, direct and to the point.

   6. Keep your heels high and your standards higher

High heels have been known to boost confidence. Wear yours with a power suit and you’ll not only feel comfortable and in charge but you’ll also command the respect you deserve. No boss ever became fearless by lowering their standards, keep yours high and don’t settle for mediocrity in anything.

7. Be happy

When you’re happy, you’re positive and you’re fun to be around so make sure you take care of numero uno. Your mental well-being is more important than anything else so, take good care of it. Do something that makes you happy every day. It can be reading a chapter of your favourite novel, going for a jog/run or cooking. Don’t let anyone or anything kill your joy.

8. Be self-aware

Know your faults and limitations. When you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you have an advantage over someone who is less self-aware. Work on your weaknesses but also work on your strengths and make them super-strengths. There’s a saying, “in a world where everyone is an expert at pointing out others’ flaws, I admire the self-aware people who can spot what they need to work on.” Never stop improving yourself.

9. Be encouraging

A girl boss is an encourager. Whether it’s her friends, family or colleagues, she is everyone’s biggest supporter. She understands that true strength lies not only in being firm but also encouraging and cheering those around you.

10. Own your mistakes

We all make mistakes, no one is superhuman so no matter how experienced you are, you will slip up. The key is to own your mistake(s) and turn it into something you and others can learn from.

Whether you’re self-employed or an employee, with these steps, you’ll not only be a girl boss but you’ll also gain the admiration of those around you. Don’t mind the back-chats, it’s a sign you’re doing something right. 😉

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