one shoulder top

4 Simple Ways to Style a One Shoulder Top

The best and often most difficult part about fashion is styling. Sure you can have all the money in the world but that doesn’t make you a good dresser.

What makes a good dresser anyway? Knowing your body, understanding your shape, what suits you and which colours complement each other and your skin tone. Simple enough, huh?

When it comes to style versatility is important. How can you wear an outfit multiple times without it looking like a repeat? Or, how can you style a look in multiple ways for different occasions?

For instance, a black dress (depending on the style) can be worn to work, a funeral, wedding, soiree or even on a date.

But you wouldn’t wear it the same way, would you?

one shoulder top

Here are four ways you can style this one shoulder top for different occasions
Look 1

Laid back stylish ( worn loosely)

Look 2

Formal (cinched at the waist with a belt)

Look 3

Smart-Casual (tucked in with a pair of sunglasses)

Look 4

one shoulder top

Trendy (semi-tucked)

Which style is your favourite and where would you wear it to?

Top – Ruff Tung on Spree 

High waist jeans – Style Revolution on Spree  (Sold Out)

Heels – Daisy Street on Superbalist

Sunglasses – Prada from Sunglasses Hut


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