5 fun ways to style your sweater this winter

Sweaters are the easiest and most comfortable way of dressing warm this winter. The weather has been pretty mild, not too cold for winter, so you can get away with wearing two layers underneath your sweater without much need for a coat.

A sweater can be worn in multiple ways and for multiple occasions. It’s easy for many of us to complain and say “I have nothing to wear” – it usually isn’t true. There is plenty to wear, the styling inspiration is often what’s lacking.

Sweaters are no longer considered ‘momsy’ and boring, they come in different cuts, colours and styles and are quite stylish so you can look trendy in a sweater depending on how you style it.  When I think of my wardrobe and I think of sweaters, I think of only one. One sweater that I love, at least.  What’s a girl to do? Buy more sweaters or get creative with the way I style? Yep, you guessed right. Let’s get creative!

Here, I’ve put together 5 different looks, for different occasions, wearing one sweater:


Ankara for life

African print is still trending in the fashion world and it makes any outfit look stylish and contemporary. Pairing an Ankara jacket with your sweater is an unexpected twist but definitely one that works.

Ankara jacket – Wafwako


Party legs

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that partying or all forms of night life must stop. Some people still enjoy the club scene and pairing your sweater over a short skirt with heeled sandals is perfect for the club. Make sure you’re wearing a vest underneath your sweater so if it gets too hot in the club, you can always take it off.

Skirt – H&M, Heels – Mr Price


Worker Bee

Throw on a sweater over a dress for the ultimate ‘conservative work look’.

Dress  and heels – Woolworths


Cocktails in the city

Your work outfit doesn’t have to be conservative. It can be professional with a hint of sexy. The sweater paired with a leather skirt and belt is my version of a bold and successful career woman that enjoys going out for cocktails, once a week with her girlfriends.

Leather skirt – Sissy Boy, Light Taupe heels – Utopia from Zando, Belt – Sowearto


Sunday Luncheon

This look is perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon, just watch out for the stains – ‘white don’t love stains’!

Shirt – Mango, White Skinny Jeans – Sissy Boy


So, if you ever feel like you have nothing to wear, think again!

*Sweater worn in all looks is from Mango.



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