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5 Things Every Single Girl Can Do on Valentine’s Day

I’ve never really been one to make a fuss over Valentine’s Day, even when I was in a relationship, and now that I’m single, Valentine’s Day sucks a little. Cue the endless romantic movies and love songs playing on the radio and on television, the incessant messages to get 50% off lingerie and or buy a free box of chocolates when you buy flowers before the 13th of February. For us, single gals, Valentine’s Day is a reminder that you’re alone and nobody loves you, at least not in a romantic sense.

Well, there’s no joy in feeling sorry for yourself so why don’t you just say stuff it and #treatyoself. Just because you’re single on Valentine’s day is no reason to be miserable. If that guy you have a crush on doesn’t notice you exist then get over him, he’s not for you. Be comfortable and confident in your independence knowing that you are worthy on your own. You don’t need a man to validate your worth darling, that is what losers do and you my dear are no loser.

Here are 5 things every single girl can do on Valentine’s Day:
  1.  A date to the movies by yourself

Some people can’t go to the movies on their own and if I’m honest with you that was me a few years ago. I found people who went to the movies solo a little sad but I’ve now found it to be quite emancipating. You don’t have to wait for anyone to see a movie you’ve been dying to watch, you can just pick a date and go on your own. Yesterday, I went to see Fifty Shades Darker at the cinema and it was such a thrill going on my own because I know if I was in a relationship, I would most probably have had to drag a reluctant boyfriend with me. I am one of the few people that enjoyed reading and watching Fifty Shades of Grey, I can say unequivocally that Fifty Shades Darker is even better, in case you were wondering ;).

2. Booty Call

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be celibate. You have needs and that’s okay. Every pretty girl has at least five men on her phone that will be more than happy to satisfy her sexual needs – give one of them a call. This is a judge free zone and your needs don’t make you a whore, just make sure you use protection. Unplanned pregnancy, STI and STD’s are real.

3.  Lunch with the girls

You have girlfriends right? I’m sure you’re not the only single one, why don’t you call them up and plan a luncheon where you can all eat, drink and talk about how few men there are and how you’d rather stay single than settle for a mediocre relationship.

4.  Hostess with the most

If the idea of lunch with the gals doesn’t excite you then why not have Valentine’s day dinner at your house and invite both your single and ‘taken’ friends. If you’re struggling with the feeling of being alone on Valentine’s day then what better way to get rid of that useless emotion than to invite some friends over for a delicious meal at your place. Food, music, wine and laughter in a relaxed environment are the remedies for loneliness.

5. Be bold and make a romantic gesture

So many girls, myself included are used to men making the first move. Women are not as used to rejection as men are and that is why we probably play it cool until the guy shows that he is interested. Well, no one likes rejection but if you don’t make a move you’ll never know. Ask your crush out on a date, don’t wait for him to do the asking, that may take months! Invite him over for dinner or something. The most that can happen is he’ll say no but at least you’ll know if he’s into you or not. You’ll also find that rejection is not the end of the world. In fact, rejection builds character ;).

Life is really what you make of it. There’s no reason to feel sorry for yourself, just go ahead and change what you’re least happy about in your life or learn to deal with it.

Happy Valentine’s day! If it makes you feel any better, I love you for reading this post and I’d love to hear what your Valentine’s day plans are. xo


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