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6 Reasons Why The Pleated Skirt Is A Sartorial Favourite

The pleated skirt is one of my favourite style of skirts to wear. And with the recent drop in temperature, it is the perfect countermeasure to keep your legs warm against the winter chill.

Pleated skirts are au courant and popularly worn by celebrities, fashion bloggers and influencers. Bonus? It comes in many different fun colours.

If that’s not reason enough to become a fan, here are 6 reasons why the pleated skirt is a sartorial favourite:

  1. It creates the illusion of curves

If you’re keen to add curves where genes gave you none then I’ll highly recommend the pleated skirt.

    2. It conceals a rotund belly

Just as it creates the illusion of curves, it also conceals lumps and bumps around the belly area giving the appearance of a smaller/slimmer waistline.

    3.  Versatility

Not only can it be styled in many ways (you know I love clothing items that can be restyled as many times as possible) but it can also be worn all year round.

4.  Femininity

The pleated skirt exudes femininity. It doesn’t matter what you pair it with, that aura of femininity clings to you like an invisibility cloak.

5.  Weather-friendly

As I mentioned earlier, the pleated skirt can be worn all year round – winter, autumn, spring and summer. In the colder months, you can wear tights or leggings under your skirt for added warmth and during the hotter months, you can enjoy the caress of the breeze against your skirt.

6. Flattering for every height

Last and definitely not least is the fact that the pleated skirt suits all heights. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short or in-between, it is a friend to all.

Are you a fan of the pleated skirt?


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