7 Personality Traits of Women That Love The Colour PINK

Did you know that the colour you like says something about your personality?

Pink happens to be one of my favourite colours. It is such a pretty, feminine colour.

Growing up, I always thought there were limitations to the colours I could wear, as a dark skin girl. Pink and red were two of those colours I thought I shouldn’t wear.

I have since discovered that that just isn’t true, but back then I didn’t know any better.

Maybe it is why I am so fond of pink now.

People that love pink are said to generally possess the following personality traits:

  1.  Sensual, romantic and sensitive.
  2. Friendly and approachable.
  3. They tend to be nurturers. They have a need to care for and protect others.
  4.  Calm and reserved by nature.
  5. They have femininity, naivete and sweetness to them.
  6.  Organised, great listeners and fashion-conscious.
  7. Insecure and attention-seeking.

I think most of the above if not all, describe me. And why wouldn’t it, after all, I wrote it! LOL.

Do any of the traits describe you?

Dress – MissGuided on  Superbalist

Heels – Public Desire on Zando

Clutch – Foschini

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