90’s Fashion: Dungarees Styled 3 Ways

I think we all know by now that fashion is recycled. It’s in one season then it’s not and then it’s in again.

90’s fashion is currently what’s trending. Your childhood staple – the dungarees- are making a comeback and I’m sharing three ways you can wear it. Keep reading if you want to find out how.

I was never really into the dungarees aka overalls trend. Sure it looks good on some fashionistas but my infatuation for dungarees died in the 90’s along with my childhood.

I’ve always felt that dungarees isn’t  age appropriate,  at least not for anyone over the age of 21. However, when Jaymodiva sent me a pink pair, it was too cute not to style. Plus, I had the perfect pink sunglasses from Poshkollect that I thought would complement the dungarees well.

Dungarees are actually a lot more versatile than I thought and even though I’m sharing three ways to wear it, you can style it at least 20 different ways. Fun-casual, formal, semi-formal are just some of the looks you can create with dungarees.

Dungarees styled 3 ways

        1. Both straps up

The most common way to wear dungarees is with both straps up. You can wear it with a shirt, t-shirt, crop top, sports bra or with an off shoulder top. You can even wear a shirt with a bow tie for a geek-chic look.

     2. One strap up, one strap down

For an edgy look, try wearing your dungarees with one arm down.

     3. Both straps down

Both straps down is quite the rebellious look. To add a little extra sass to the look, wrap a jacket around your waist.

Style tip: You can wear a jacket over your dungarees or roll the hem up. Whether you’re a sneakers kinda girl or you prefer heels, both options are equally as complementary with dungarees.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the dungarees trend but one thing’s for sure, I look cute in my Jaymodiva dungarees. Who knows, I may even restyle them and maybe that’ll convert me.

What do you think? Like the trend or make it stop?

Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading this post. x

Special thanks to Jaymodiva.  To shop this look visit Jaymodiva’s Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/jaymodiva/.

Dungarees – Jaymodiva
Heels – Legit
Sunglasses – Poshkollect

Photography by Swizzpixels

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