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Developing Sustainable Fashion Businesses at AFI  Fashion Week 2020 This year’s AFI Fashion Week is about developing sustainable fashion businesses. Did you know that the global apparel market is valued at over 3 trillion dollars?! Yup, it accounts for 2 per cent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Sadly, it also generates 4% of the world’s waste each year. About 92 million tons to be exact. Sustainability is very important to me. It is why as a fashion blogger, I feel that it is my responsibility to show you

And we’re back to regular schedule!  (Blog post every Wednesday and Friday) First off, I feel like I owe you, my loyal readers, an apology for the silence. You don’t deserve it and I’ll do better. It is currently 2:15 am and for the past three to four days, I have been working non-stop on an assignment so much so that I’ve had very little time for anything else, not even to eat. I recently went back to study and the schedule with everything else I have going on is

David Tlale to Unveil Latest Collection Through a Virtual Fashion Show Get excited!  I know I am. We are in for a virtual treat as David Tlale launches his latest fashion collection. Whoop, Whoop! This collection will be unveiled on Monday,  13 April 2020 at 19H15 on and across his social media platforms. Even more exciting for me is that the collection is sustainable. Here’s what we know: The House of David Tlale on Monday, April 13, will launch a new sustainability friendly and COVID-19 compliant “Fashion Trend”. The