Are Cosmetic Enhancements the New Normal?

Are Cosmetic Enhancements the New Normal?

More than a decade ago, when I was a teenager, cosmetic enhancements were not as common as it is now.

Botox, breast augmentation, butt implants, fillers and liposuction seem to be becoming the new beauty norm.

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When did things change?

I read an article in Allure magazine which according to the American Society for Dermatologica Surgery, 70%  of American consumers in 2016, were considering undergoing non-invasive cosmetic enhancements.

You can imagine that the number has risen now.

According to a 2018 article in Face2Africa, Africans in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Sudan and Kenya are going under the knife to remove excess fat, tummy tuck and breast lift.

Shocked? I wasn’t, not really.

It is safe to say that things have definitely changed from when I was growing up.

Priorities have shifted somewhat and people are – for lack of a better word – obsessed with the idea of perfection and looking “good”.

Popular plastic surgery shows like Botched and  Dr. 90210 are probably to thank for “normalizing” cosmetic surgery.

Growing up, not only was cosmetic surgery not as common as it is now, but it was more likely a topic of conversation among people over the age of 40 and older never by anyone their twenties much less teenagers.

That has changed considerably in recent times.

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These days, so many millennials are exploring plastic surgery because their friends and people they look up to, aka influencers, are doing it too.

Having a non-surgical procedure has become almost as natural as buying a new handbag.

I’ll be the first to admit that I  have never been completely satisfied with my physical appearance. Most people rarely are but surely, that’s what life is all about?

Nothing is perfect nor should it be.

But we live in a world of instant gratification. We’re always looking for something better. A better body, a better spouse, a better job, and we want it now! But when will it ever be enough?

Information Online

There’s an overwhelming amount of information about cosmetic surgery online. Most bogus, others genuine, helpful information. The online accessibility makes it that much easier for anyone interested to easily book an appointment with a surgeon.

It is also more affordable than it was 10 years ago and might explain why people are replacing their body parts like they do their car tyre.

And these days, your medical aid can cover the cost of your nose job, plus you can have a payment plan arrangement with your doctor. Read more about the costs of cosmetic surgery in South Africa here.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on breast augmentation and liposuction, countries like Brazil and Thailand, are renowned for cheap, cosmetic surgeries.  Although, some of the patients come out with botched jobs so beware!

What are your thoughts on cosmetic surgery?  Would you get a little nip and tuck given the opportunity?

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