Blondes have more fun!

I’ve always been curious to know if blondes do indeed have more fun so I went the lighter route with my hair. Deep down I knew it wasn’t true that blondes have more fun which is why when my dad asked me after seeing me in this top, “do blondes have more fun?” my immediate answer was a resounding “NO!”.

The truth is confident women have more fun. Confidence can be aggrandized through social, academic and or professional status. It can also be enhanced through external factors like one’s style, beauty or physical appearance. I for one feel like shit when my hair doesn’t look it’s best, this in turn affects the way I dress and the way that I  act and feel. So when I change my hair, either by cutting it to a chic style, adding extentions or colour, this often changes my demeanor and affects the way I see myself which in turn influences the way others see me. Same goes for when I have bad hair days, I feel miserable and ugly.

Blonde hair for most women is like red lipstick – bold, arresting and sexy! As such, any woman who colours her hair blonde is probably feeling confident and daring and may even seem more outgoing than usual and I’m pretty sure that is why they say “blondes have more fun” but it is in fact a change in a woman’s physical appearance that is responsible for the altered personality or behaviour.

Blondes don’t have more fun, self-assured women do!

DSCN3128 (2)



DSCN3045 (2)

DSCN3060 (2)

DSCN3136 (2)

DSCN3159 (2)

In what hair do you feel the most confident? Short, long, straight, curly, black, red, blonde?

Sunglasses: Lentes & Marcos

Top: TheLot

Shorts: H&M UK

Heels: Legit

Sling Bag: Aldo


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