Breaking the Rules of Fashion One Pair of Sneakers at A Time

Are you a rebel when it comes to fashion? Do you follow the rules? Or, do you make your own rules?

I’m a little bit of both.

I follow some rules and then I make some of my own. I’ve always been a stiletto kind of girl. It dates back to my childhood and how I attributed femininity to wearing high heels.

Twenty years later, 95% of the shoes in my closet are heels.  I own three pairs of sneakers and that’s about it.

Heels aren’t comfortable. Some are but most are painful as hell!  So why do we wear them? Because it’s attractive, gives you swagger and additional height.

There’s just something sexy about a woman walking in heels. If you can walk properly in them,  that is.

But realistically, most women would rather wear something comfortable like sneakers than heels if  given the option.  Thankfully, fashion is on-board with this because, over the past 5 years, it has taken a comfort-first approach.

Comfort is king?

Celebrities are making sneakers the highlight of their outfit. Whether you’re going to an awards show or a gala evening, you can pair your evening gown with a pair of sneakers for comfort and an added edge.

The first celebrity I know to break the convention of fashion by wearing sneakers with an evening gown is Kristen Stewart. And now, it seems to be becoming a “thing”. Other celebrities like Emrata, Kendall Jenner and Olivia Munn to name a few, have followed suit.

And guess what? So have I! The heels lady…

I too am beginning to realise that the pain and blisters I get from wearing heels are just not worth it. Besides, there’s something so cool about the juxtaposition of pairing sneakers with an evening gown.

What do you think? Love this trend or not for you?

Black Cut-out Maxi Dress by Sissy Boy – Spree

Makeup by  Shameema Tshali

Sneakers Puma on Zando

Kristen Stewart Image Sourced

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