wearing red

Can Wearing Red Make You Significantly More Attractive and Confident?

wearing red
Makeup by @misredherring_mua

wearing red

wearing red

If you’re reading this, I bet you want to know if wearing red can make you look more attractive and confident?

Yes – yes, it can. How?  Red is often associated with love and passion. Ever read a romance novel? red-hot are some of the adjectives used to describe a steamy scene, right?

So, when you wear red it can affect the way that you are perceived. It is such a bold colour and you immediately stand out. A red lip, red shoes, red dress all point to someone who is bold and confident.  People who wear red are for damn sure not wallflowers.

According to a 2016 article on Psychology Today,  research shows that wearing red can make a woman more attractive to a man.  So, if you want to be perceived as ‘hot’or  ‘sexy’ to a male, red is the colour to wear.

To read more about the uncanny power of a red dress on Psychology Today, click the here.

Makeup by – Shameema Tshali 

Dress – Sissy Boy on Spree

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