A Nutricosmetic Experience at Cape Town’s ERTH Restaurant

First nutricosmetic restaurant of its kind, ERTH, opened its doors to the public late last year. I was one of the lucky few invited to the media launch.

Situated on 35 Main Road, Green Point Cape Town, ERTH falls under the Skin Co. brand. The restaurant combines health and skincare with a menu designed with ingredients that promote healthy radiance from within.

Incorporated in the foods are four ingestible cosmetic ingredients. They are;  Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen (using fish-based peptides), Resveratrol and potent Phyto Ceramides – all of which have countless benefits for the human body. These skin-loving actives although tasteless have some nutritional goodness designed to give your skin the nutrients it needs.

My 2020 Resolution| Health Is Wealth

I’m all about healthy living in 2020.  Exercise and a balanced diet is a must. And, as a self-proclaimed skincare enthusiast, I was deeply fascinated by the nutricosmetic element of ERTH. How can one combine skincare and food?

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a complimentary lunch at the restaurant and it was nothing short of an experience.

Finding parking was problematic as can be expected in most places in Cape Town.  Because I was wearing heels, I was not prepared to walk miles from my car to the restaurant and back. But after driving around the same spot twice, I luckily found parking across the road from the restaurant.

My Experience at ERTH

The ambience at ERTH is clean, minimalist but also warm and cosy. Well lit with clusters of hanging pendant lights from the ceiling and natural light coming in through the windows casting some beautiful glow on the space. Perfect spot for taking selfies or if you just want to hotdesk from a comfortable and relaxed space.

The menu is pretty plain looking and it consists of an A4 paper with the different food options typed on it.  However, the food offerings are anything but plain.

The restaurant caters to vegetarians, vegans and pescetarians. I’m none of the three so I opted for the safer pescatarian option.

I had the Salmon Benedict with local salmon trout, poached eggs, hollandaise, rocket served on gluten-free toast and marine collagen infusion. To drink, I had the Hyaluronic Acai smoothie. Slightly thicker than most smoothies I’ve had but great tasting.

The Salmon Benedict was for me a bit of an acquired taste, one I have yet to acquire.  I have never had gluten-free bread before and I didn’t enjoy the texture. I’ve always considered going vegan or at least vegetarian but I love my meat too much.

But in spite of my carnivore preference, I was glad for the experience and enjoyed trying something different. I may just stick to my veggies and chicken or salad and chicken but the skincare products which are all-natural and cruelty-free were by far my favourite. I bought the Kale Moringa & Broccoli Squalane using a gift voucher and will definitely go back for more skincare and some of their delicious smoothies and health sodas.

If you’re looking to try something different,  or maybe you’re a vegan/ vegetarian looking for a fun new place to eat then ERTH is your go-to.

The ambience is great, pricing of food and skincare products are friendly.

ERTH is open on Tuesdays – Sundays from 08:00 – 17:00.

Follow @erth_ct for more information or to find out more about their innovative dishes.

Photography by Jojola_the_grapher

Edited by me

Feminine Hygiene: How to Keep your Vagina Clean & Happy

Happy 2019, loves! May this year see the fulfilment of your heart’s desires.

Today’s post is all about feminine hygiene, a topic we don’t talk about as often as we should.

When it comes to feminine hygiene, many of us are uncertain about a number of things:

  1. How do I wash my vagina?
  2. Should I be using feminine washes?
  3. Is it normal for my vagina to have an odour?
  4. Does the white discharge on my underwear mean I have an infection?
  5. Is it okay to douche?

These and more are some of the questions we ask ourselves but never get answers to because talking about the vagina is gross, right? Wrong.

Cleaning your vagina

Above all else, good vaginal health is maintained with a good diet and exercise. What you eat does affect the smell and health of your vagina. Natural yoghurt, cranberry juice and vegetables are some foods that can help boost the overall health of your vagina.

The vagina is self-cleaning but the vulva requires daily cleaning.

With warm water, a washcloth or your fingers, you should clean the vulva daily; once or twice a day.

When cleaning my vagina, I ALWAYS use feminine washes. So naturally, when I heard about the BETADINE Daily Intimate Care range, I was curious to test it.

For the past two months, I have been using the Betadine Daily Intimate Care range which was sent to me by Rubybox.

The range which includes the Daily Intimate Foam and Wash have been specifically designed to support the natural pH of the vaginal flora.

Did you know? An imbalance in the pH results in bacterial or fungal infections and unpleasant odours.

What can I say about this range?  Not only is it affordable, Daily Intimate Care Foam (100ml: R49.95, 200ml: R64.95), Daily Intimate Care Wash (50ml: R39.95, 150ml: R49.95) available at Dischem and selected Clicks stores but it also smells good.

Some vaginal washes throw off my pH and I end up getting a yeast infection which is why I’m always very cautious about what I use down there but Betadine is formulated from natural ingredients.

Its unique Tri-Care formulation combined with prebiotics offer optimal daily protection from unwanted symptoms such as odour, itch and irritation associated with pH imbalance.

My favourite from the range is the Daily Intimate Care Foam. It’s convenient and easy to use.

Vaginal odour

It is okay for the vagina to have a scent. Just like your armpit has an odour when it is devoid of antiperspirant, so does the vagina. However, the vagina is a lot more sensitive than the armpit which is why for most people, scented wipes and vaginal deodorants disrupt the vagina’s healthy natural balance.

Your vagina isn’t meant to smell like perfume but it shouldn’t smell like fish either. If it does, promptly see your doctor as you may have an infection.

Washing with water and plain soap or using an intimate wash with natural ingredients that help maintain your body’s natural pH is all you need. No douching, no vaginal deodorants or perfumed soaps down there.

Dos & Don’ts for a healthy vagina
  • Don’t eat processed foods or foods high in sugars
  • Don’t wash inside your vagina – it self-cleans
  • Do wash your vulva with natural ingredients
  • Do trim/shave your pubic hair

Betadine Daily Intimate Foam and Wash is hypoallergenic, gynaecologically tested, has natural ingredients and is free of parabens and colourants.

The range is currently available at ALL Dis-Chem stores, selected Clicks stores and leading pharmacies.
Recommended retail price for Daily Intimate Care Foam (100ml: R49.95, 200ml: R64.95)
Recommended retail price for Daily Intimate Care Wash (50ml: R39.95, 150ml: R49.95)

What are you doing to celebrate World Gin Day?

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to gin lovers? Neither did I, but there is, the day is called World Gin Day and it is taking place this year on 10 June 2017.

World Gin Day has been running for 9 years globally and is a celebration of all things gin. This year, Musgrave Gin is taking a leading role in South Africa, encouraging gin-lovers to raise a glass to the occasion. What’s more, Musgrave Gin is launching a new range of miniature gin collection in time for the day commemorated by gin aficionados.

The 50ml bottles from their miniature collection were specially selected for its slim shape and elegant bottle height, one could even mistake them for perfume or cologne bottles. They are so petite and can easily slip into a travel bag, purse or beach bag.

According to Simone Musgrave founder of Musgrave Gin,

“This release is my gift to gin lovers, a luxurious new bijoux bottle for the times you want to treat yourself or somebody else. The miniatures continue my story about travel, the African Spice Route and the creation of an African luxury brand.”

On 10 June, Musgrave will be serving a speciality tipple featuring Musgrave12 Pink Gin or Musgrave11 Original nationwide. If you are in Cape Town, pop into The Stack, The Silo, The Gin Bar or Sundoo by Seelan. If you are in Durban, swing by Chef’s Table, Delish Sisters or 1904 Bistro Americaine. For Johannesburg, visit Glenda’s in Hyde Park.

On the menu is:
The Roadhouse Gin Shake

Blackberry jam, cream, Musgrave12 Pink Gin and a bit of fizz, guaranteed to get you on your rollerskates!

The Hey Hunny

Musgrave11 shaken with a honey&nut syrup teased elegantly with lemon juice and bitters. Finished with a soft foam.

Musgrave12 Signature Pink Gin & Tonic 

A double rosewater infused gin, topped up with Barker & Quin Tonic, garnished with pink peppercorns and a sprig of thyme.

Stand a chance to win 6 of the new release 50ml Musgrave Miniatures

While enjoying Musgrave gin at home or at any of the Musgrave partner venues, upload a photo and tag #MusgraveWorldGinday #WorldGinDaySA #MusgraveMinis to stand a chance to win 6 of the new release 50ml Musgrave Miniatures.

Hashtags for World Gin Day: #MusgraveWorldGinday #WorldGinDaySA #MusgraveMinis

Visit www.musgravegin.co.za for more or follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Images: Supplied.