LUSH x Spongebob Squarepants

It’s time to make waves and nautical nonsense with this new collection of completely plastic-free products! From a tropical body balm to fruity bath fizzers – this collection will help customers turn the tide and help keep oceans clean.

Findings from Mintel(1) show that plastic pollution remains one of the top three concerns for consumers when it comes to environmental issues in the last two years.

Findings from Mintel(1) show that plastic pollution remains one of the top three concerns for consumers when it comes to environmental issues in the last two years.

Today, 60% of Lush’s sales are entirely packaging-free. So, whether you’re taking your first step away from the pump or whether you’re motivated to move over to a fully plastic-free routine – Lush has you covered.

‘‘We love soap! So, to create a plastic free range of products on behalf of SpongeBob SquarePants, an iconic character, series and brand, representing an undersea world that we are all trying to protect, was an obvious fit for Lush. We’re thrilled to partner with Paramount Consumer Products and Nickelodeon on SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Sea Change. We had so much fun with this collaboration and the Krabby Bathy is a new innovation for us — a hybrid soap, bath bomb and bubble bar. We think the fragrances are extra special, think tropical, pineapple and coconut, dreamy combinations that are unique to this range.” Melody Morton, Lush Concepts Creative Director.

In support of Paramount’s SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Sea Change campaign, a global ocean conservation and sustainability initiative, which kicked off last year, Lush is thrilled to have been able to co-create a range of six new, fun and immersive products across bath, shower and skin care to ensure multiple steps of your body care routine are covered.

Krabby Bathy Bath Gift R290

Lovingly assembled by experts, Krabby Bathy features two fizzy and fruity bath bomb buns, scented with bergamot and lime oils.

Sandwiched between both of those is a lovingly handmade bubble bar patty with a cheerfully tropical fragrance courtesy of buchu and Sicilian lemon oil.

Lastly, don’t forget your toppings! Two lettuce and tomato-shaped soaps sit delicately on top, both perfumed with a refreshing watermelon twist. All packed and served fresh inside a fully recyclable box!

Spongebob Soap R89.50

Looking for a fresh and fruity soap? No problemo! Grab your soapy pal SpongeBob, lather up with a blend of cleansing and brightening fresh pineapple juice and uplifting buchu oil to cheer your mood, while extra virgin coconut oil keeps hands hydrated.

Surprised Patrick Bath Bomb R95

Hop in the tub with this fizzy friend for a sweet vanilla and coconut-fragranced bathe, transforming your water into a beautiful peach sunset.

Featuring coconut milk powder, Surprised Patrick Bath Bomb froths, foams, and crackles with popping candy, creating creamy, soothing bathwater that lightly hydrates your skin. Catch this packaging-free starfish soon, because he’s only available for a limited time.

Squidward Bubble Bar R95

Soak your aching tentacles, forget your cynicism, and relax under piles of soft, fluffy bubbles! Seaweed absolute softens you up, while violet leaf absolute and Persian lime oil leave you feeling fresh and cheery.

This packaging-free bubble bar is your bathtime equivalent of a citrusy poolside margarita, that’s sure to serve up smiles!

Home Sweet Pineapple Body Balm R165

Go plastic-free with this pineapple under the sea! Say ‘Ahoy!’ to brilliantly moisturised skin, thanks to this naked body balm’s base of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter.

Meanwhile, fresh pineapple juice and davana oil will leave your soft skin with a sweet, tropical scent that’s pure piña colada perfection.

Spongebob Bath Bomb R165

For the best bath ever, make a splash into cheerful passion fruit-scented waters!

It’s party-time in the tub with everyone’s favourite sea sponge, so dive into a fresh and fruity blend of enzymic pineapple powder, sweet wild orange oil, and popping candy for a cracking good time.

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Five secrets to achieve the perfect work life harmony

Juggling your work and personal life can feel like an uphill battle, especially for self-employed individuals who wear multiple hats. Throw in the challenges of working in the entertainment sector, with irregular schedules and constant demands, and it becomes even more crucial to find harmony between professional and personal commitments.

Larry Soffer, Africa’s leading mentalist, together with his manager and wife, has successfully mastered the art of maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance and is keen to share his valuable tips and captivating stories with others seeking the same.

  1. Find your switch off button
    We struggle to switch off from work when faced with stressful situations or unresolved tasks. To combat this, I have developed a fail-proof strategy. I make a list of everything I need to do and create a clear action plan to tackle it. When my tasks are organised, it becomes easier for me to switch off and relax. I focus on finishing one thing at a time, crossing it off my list, and having a clear idea of what awaits me tomorrow.
  1. Make downtime entertaining
    As my career progressed, my life became increasingly multifaceted, demanding attention to various aspects beyond work. Balancing work with marriage, managing a home, and caring for our two dogs has taught me the importance of nurturing different aspects of life. Each component contributes to our overall joy and prosperity.

Planning enjoyable activities during downtime plays a crucial role in detaching from work and the importance of making solid plans with loved ones. When you schedule fun activities with your spouse, friends, or family, you assign more significance to them. This compels you to switch off from work and fully immerse yourself in the moment.

Switching off from work is a challenge I have faced. Passionate about my craft, work became an integral part of my identity. However, my wife, who also manages my career, has played a pivotal role in helping me find the right balance. My wife is excellent at reminding me to switch off and spend quality time together. Though it’s a continuous learning process, I’ve become much better at detaching from work and appreciating the beauty of life beyond my profession.

  1. Find the right energy booster
    When it comes to maintaining energy levels, I swear by power naps. A quick 15 to 20-minute nap recharges me and leaves me feeling refreshed. With frequent travel, I have mastered the art of sleeping on short flights, ensuring optimum rest before performances. I also find solace in going for walks after a stressful day, clearing my mind and gaining perspective.

Spending quality time with my wife and adorable dogs, Lily and Luna, also provides a welcome respite. Cuddling in front of the TV and enjoying a good movie or series allows me to unwind completely.

  1. Be honest with yourself
    I remain discerning about projects I take on. While money is essential for survival, it’s crucial to assess whether a project’s pressure is worth the reward.

In the past, I have cancelled projects when clients were difficult to work with. It is important identify and establish boundaries with challenging clients.

  1. Know when to draw the line
    Stay professional, even in the midst of exciting events and glamorous parties. It’s tempting to get caught up in the party atmosphere but remember that you’re there to work. Clients are always observing, and the industry is small. Strike a balance and know when to draw the line.

There were unique challenges posed by the pandemic. As virtual shows became the norm, work-life balance took a backseat. Transforming a room in my home into a studio, my wife and I managed all aspects of my shows together. Catering to audiences across different time zones, even performing in the middle of the night, added an extra layer of complexity. Despite the challenges, we embraced the adventure, resulting in successful and unforgettable experiences.

Now that things have returned to normal, with the occasional virtual show, Larry Soffer is excited to inspire others to achieve work-life balance. With his wisdom and remarkable journey, he motivates individuals from all walks of life to nurture different aspects of their existence, leading to fulfilment and prosperity.

For more on how Larry Soffer inspires his audiences to believe in the impossible so that can achieve their dreams, follow @LarrySoffer or visit his website for more information at

The New World of Interior Intelligence

Creative behavioural strategist Kim Williams – recently shared her insights as keynote speaker at Decorex 2021, on how we have entered a time where great design has moved past purist notions of practicality and become centred around creating strategies that produce spaces that are mindful and serve our life and work objectives. There is a depth and an insight that we have into what we want from our spaces that Kim refers to as interior intelligence and it is taking interior designers and clients alike on a whole new journey.

Having grown up spending many hours indoors in her yellow bedroom as a child because of a club foot, Kim has a particular insight into feeling isolated in our interior world and shares her top insights on how the evolution of intelligent interiors can facilitate a better experience of living.

Evolution of perspective

As a child, I spent many hours looking out at the world which shaped my understanding of how interior spaces can be a sanctuary during chaos. As I shared my story in my new book – MyYellowRoom – I realised how my experience of feeling isolated in my room prepared me for the needs of my clients before social distancing was even an idea, and helped me understand the power our spaces hold. My room was a place I could control and change, and I was fascinated by how people’s engagement with my room would alter when I changed the elements within it.

It taught me that our behaviour is largely influenced by how we experience the elements around us. There is real power in shuffling the objects you already have in a space to refresh your personal perspective and renew a space’s emotive power. By valuing both the designer and the client’s unique perspectives we can create new life stages to facilitate specific experiences in our spaces that are truly expressive of the client’s desires and absolutely authentic to the people who inhabit them, regardless of the budget limitations.

Evolution of residential spaces

Our homes and interiors have evolved alongside us through the various stages of lockdown to become places that facilitate the experience of living well. Corporates had always known that our spaces have a drastic impact on us and over the last year, we have seen residential clients awaken to the same truth.

The sudden transition from open-plan living illustrates this perfectly. Nowadays, people are prioritising places for focused work, managing the movement of others in their spaces and desiring nooks in which to cocoon and self soothe in solitude before feeling recharged enough to rejoin the jubilance of typical family life.

Evolution of the virtual space

We are seeing a radical integration between our physical and virtual spaces. The virtual and physical worlds are set to merge and we are looking to designers to make sense of this integration. To help make sense of the potential chaos at the intersection of these worlds through balancing technology and comfort within the personal narrative of their client’s space.

The evolution of individualism

Individualism emerged before Covid and has been bolstered by it and we are far more attentive to expressing individual aesthetics in space. Younger generations have been challenging us on how we perceive people, what our contribution to society is and how important it is that we understand who we are and who we are seen to be.
We are thinking critically about our experiences of space from sight to sound to shape to texture and how these principles can be used to express parts of our client’s personalities. The process of pulling out individualism and combining that with trends and how we put the two together to help individuals, families and brands express themselves in interesting ways that are meaningful to them, will be the catalyst for many exciting innovations in the near future.

The evolution of mindful connection

The importance of mindfulness is on the rise with many more people creating spaces to practice whatever mindfulness activities support them. Mindfulness is amazing for productivity. The sense of connection we gain from these practices gives us clarity on how we think about what we are executing.

We have also realised how important nature is to refresh, recharge and heal. A connection to nature is a powerful dynamic we must factor into our spaces. The emphasis on the awareness of our impact on nature is not going anywhere either. In fact, I think we will become more aware of what our design products are made from, where and how the raw materials are collected, where the manufacturing takes place and the final carbon cost the product has.

The evolution of nostalgia

We have started to design with our own memories as we once did with the latest trends. In part due to us not being able to travel, or see family, we have learned to create better memories when we are presented the opportunity. For a while, we were not able to just grab a coffee, or pop away for the weekend or have big family gatherings. Now when we do have those opportunities we feel a strong desire to document them and incorporate them into our spaces with special items and photographs.

We also see people trying to immerse themselves in cultures that they love, or an era that they loved, to trigger the memories of that wonderful holiday they had or romantic memories of a less complex world. This all fits perfectly with the uprising of repurposing and DIY, both of which are long-standing stable trends that have become mainstream – as is seen with the second-hand malls all over Europe. Repurposing gives us the opportunity to make things our own.

Designers are at the precipice of assisting clients to create spaces that set the stage for their lives on which to play out. Every client’s microenvironment is a stage of the story of their lives and the duty of a great designer is to make those stages facilitate a great experience of life. With the potential that technology carries, the deepening of our mindful connection, the change in our perspective and the groundedness we find in our memories we are capable of creating amazing spaces that are truly riveting to experience.


Press release and Kim Williams images supplied.


Local Beau-Trepreneur Launches Viral Marshmallow Beauty Sponge in SA

If you’re a Beautuber, an MUA (makeup artist) or just a beauty-lover with a TIK TOK obsession – you’ll know the Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blender craze by influencer and hashtag. This revolutionary product is changing the way we face beat! Yup! It’s affectionately known for its baby-like softness, faster application and steak-free finish! Which is a total win if you’re planning a full weekend of close-up content creation.

This squad-approved slice of makeup heaven has exploded onto the international beauty scene and will soon be available in SA! Receiving rave reviews for its spongey superpowers from local Tik Tok beauties, bloggers and influential instagrammers – there’s no doubt that beauty lovers will hitting that sparkle emoji, to share their excitement!

Internationally adored and makeup-artist-acclaimed, it was only a matter of time before this game-changing beauty blender hit South African shores! The first to launch the product in SA is Tasneem Nagdee, creative director and founder of Marble Skin Co. – a local beauty brand with an international passion for revolutionary self-care beauty products and trends.

The brand first graced the e-commerce scene with its groundbreaking IPL Hair Removal Handset, amidst the 2020 beauty home-care frenzy. They kept wow-ing South African beauty-lovers with innovative products – such as their Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask (which works wonders by the way) and their Slick Stick Hair Slicking Wand – all amazing and all available in SA!

‘‘After months of sourcing, testing and product-refinement, we are so proud to launch our Marble Skin Co. Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blender to South-African beauty lovers. We’ve been absolutely blown away with this product, which is why we knew we had to share it with our local beauty community!’’ – Tasneem Nagdee, Creative Director and Founder of Marble Skin Co.


When it comes to beauty – it’s all about blending! Which is why the brand will be introducing not one, but two incredible Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blenders. Online shoppers will be able to experience the rounded marshmallow sponge – for easy foundation application. Or the half-cut marshmallow sponge – for precision application around the eye area and for powder contouring. The revolutionary beauty blenders will be available for purchase, either individually or in a beautiful set of four – perfect for sharing with beauty-besties!

The Marble Skin Co. Marshmallow Sponge Beauty Blender range will officially be launching on the brands’ e-commerce site (www.marble on Friday 1 October 2021. So best you get your primer, foundation and ring lights ready… because it’s bound to get blended!

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Lifting The Veil on Facial Thread Lifts

10 Must-Know Facts

In our virtually inclined reality, more of us are spending our days running the world through an endless stream of Zoom calls. As we squint against shabby cameras, shoddy lighting and shiny screens we are left feeling vulnerable as we examine every imperfection in our faces. It is not surprising then that the facial aesthetics industry has seen significant growth in non-invasive treatments over the last 18 months.

Non-invasive facial enhancements, in general, create structure, soften ageing and remedy sagging. However, certain treatments are tailored to specific problems. The facial thread procedure, in particular, is exploding in popularity for its ability to lift your face making you look reinvigorated.

Digital aesthetics practitioner Dr Sheryl Smithies is an authority on holistic facial treatments that look at beauty through an integrated approach and explains everything you need to know about thread procedures.

What is ageing anyway?

When you age your facial tissues, like the muscle in the deep plane, diminish which leads to the increased laxity of the skin. The bone and the fat pads underneath the skin also change shape, migrate and often get smaller over time making the skin slightly saggy and wrinkly as the support underneath it decreases.

What are threads?

Facial threads are sutures that are placed under the skin in the deep plane to encourage our bodies to create the collagen needed to replace the facial structure that is naturally lost due to ageing. There are several different types of threads nowadays. Including barbed and smooth threads made from polydioxanone (PDO), polylactic acid (PLA) or polycaprolactone (PCA).

Whether you have smooth or barbed threads done, they work by causing a slight irritation under the skin that stimulates collagen growth. Over time, the thread is replaced by a band of collagen. This means that once the thread has dissolved, your collagen will remain, creating a stronger support structure for your skin.

Even though the threads themselves last 12-18 months, the effects last longer due to the collagen build-up. Whilst by no means permanent, the collagen that is stimulated will last in your skin for 18 – 24 months.

What can I expect?

First, you need to have had a consultation with your doctor and settle on the ideal treatment as every face has unique asymmetries that make it beautiful. Every procedure begins by mapping out your face and giving you a numbing injection which will also decrease post-treatment bruising. Once you are numb, a small puncture site is created through which the thread will be inserted.

Depending on the type of thread treatment done you can expect to feel varying levels of discomfort. If you are having anchor threads done to lift skin, you may feel significant tightness during the procedure. Threads are so popular particularly because they are not unusually painful. However, they are still a medical procedure that involves inserting a foreign body under the skin and tugging on it so you can expect a little discomfort.

How can I prepare For treatment?

Mentally preparing for any procedure, even non-invasive ones have been proven to have a positive effect on your healing process. Knowing the facts, having realistic expectations, being content with your motive for having the procedure, and having a doctor you trust is important to your treatment outcome. You will also need to stop any blood thinners or supplements that may cause bleeding such as Turmeric and Omega 3’s. In terms of home care, a good quality skincare regime will maintain your skin in its best form for this procedure.

What are the risks?

Because of its minimally invasive nature, not much goes wrong with the thread procedure. However, there will always be a chance of having unwanted effects after the treatment such as bruising and uneven skin are all potential side effects of a thread treatment. Luckily, however, these are all short lived.

Whilst the risk is very minimal, any treatment that involves needles can have unwanted outcomes such as haematoma formation, nerve damage, uneven results and allergic reactions. The chances are minimal but this is why it is very important to tell your practitioner all of your medical history before proceeding with the treatment.

If there is a medical reason such as allergies or auto-immune diseases you should not proceed with the thread treatment.

Why is the latest technology important?

Technology is continuously improving and allowing us to digitally map and tailor holistic facial improvement programs to give patients results better than they dreamed of. I personally love working with the Aptos brand as they are at the forefront of material technology. Their use of embedding Hyaluronic acid – which is naturally found in skin cells – into the threads creates an extra boost of moisture and tissue conditioning for better results.

For anyone battling against the emotional drain of feeling like they look less than their true selves, threads can offer not only a more youthful appearance but hope. Ideal for anyone looking for minor reshaping that will enhance their natural beauty threads can leave you feeling empowered, confident and revitalised if your motivations for the procedure are sound. The gift of looking and feeling like yourself again through facial enhancement improves how you perceive and are perceived by the greater world and will leave you feeling comfortable in your skin – no matter your age.

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Cover image and flatlay image by Canva.

Spotlight on Women in Business: Jessica Molebatsi

Wife, Mother & Fashion entrepreneur on life and career in a male dominated industry

For this year’s National Women’s Day, I want to highlight women in business. I had the pleasure of chatting with wife, mother and business woman, Jessica Molebatsi of eponymous fashion label JessicaJane on how she balances running a business in a male dominated industry and raising a family.

There is this erroneous belief that women can’t have it all. But what does “having it all” even mean? While it may mean different things to different people, the general concept of having it all is the ability to raise a family, have a social life while also maintaining a successful career. Some women put the pursuit of raising a family on the backburner until they achieve a certain level of success in their career. Conversely, there are others, like entrepreneur Bushra Shaikh, who believe that it is best to first raise a family and only afterwards should your career take priority.

“Everything can’t be 100% all the time, but you learn as you go along.”

Jessica Molebatsi; wife, mother and entrepreneur admits that it’s not easy. “Everything can’t be 100% all the time,” she says, “but you learn as you go along.” During my chat with Jessica, we discuss the challenges of a woman running a business in a male dominated environment while raising a family. How she prioritises it all and what her advice would be to aspiring fashion designers.

Jessica’s passion for fashion began in her formative years. Her grandma used to sew and this inspired her to later study fashion design and eventually create her own clothing line, JessicaJane. Jessica remembers the start of her business venture as being very difficult. She had no capital and, having just moved from Durban to Johannesburg, no network. But her determination and dedication paid off. Over time and through word-of-mouth, her business grew.

Jessica’s appreciation for beauty and femininity is evident in her designs. Her latest winter collection is a surprising burst of colours and sequins that will appeal to the bold and feminine woman. Jessica believes that true style is not about standing out but being remembered.

On Business

Jessica is both the creative director and business manager of her brand; a task that she says is not for the faint of heart. Juggling both of these roles and the various responsibilities that they demand can be taxing, but she finds that the demands help to inspire her designs. As she often has to split her time juggling work and life pressures, she designs clothes for women with similar challenges. Women want to look good but not have to sacrifice the limited resource of time. Jessica designs classics that inspire women to look and feel their best.

While the South African fashion industry is growing, research conducted by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition and the South African Cotton Cluster show that designers who form part of the clothing and textile sector in South Africa contributed R1 billion to South Africa’s GDP in 2019. The country is recovering from the impact of Covid-19 and will continue to recover for years to come but Jessica’s hope is to see more government support of female designers.

There is tremendous opportunity to boost the economy and further growth by upskilling and creating jobs in the fashion industry.

On Life

Jessica believes in balance. She believes in taking each season as it comes. The start of the pandemic was a good time for her to slow her pace and spend more time with the family. As most working mothers, she, too, experiences mum-guilt, but the support of her husband makes it easier. When Jessica is not working or raising a family with her husband, she likes to relax by getting dressed up and going out to lunch, or staying at home to watch Netflix. Her latest guilty pleasure, she says, is a documentary about creative director Olivier Rousteing. It’s called Wonder Boy. The show is a look behind the scenes of how Rousteing brings his bold designs to life and goes in search of his origins.


“Just because you like fashion doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good fashion designer”.

When I ask Jessica what advice she would give to a budding fashion designer, she says: “Just because you like fashion doesn’t mean you’re going to be a good fashion designer”. As someone who studied Garment Construction myself, thinking I wanted to be a fashion designer, I couldn’t agree more.

Jessica’s favourite women empowerment quote is a remix of ‘empowered women empower women’. She says, “empowered women should empower other women.”

I completely agree. It is our responsibility as women to truly support and encourage one another to create a better future.

As I bid Jessica goodbye, I could not but think: “what an inspiration she is!”

Happy Women’s month.

Gear up for Autumn with NESCAFÉ GOLD Plant-Based Mixes

Some exciting news for vegans and lactose-intolerant latte lovers;  NESCAFÉ GOLD’s  plant-based mixes range are now available to the conscious who prefer plant-based diets and for the sensitive lactose-intolerant.

Curated using a blend of the highest quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, the lattes are said to be delectably smooth and creamy soluble drinks. They come in three variants, each with its own discerning flavour, Coconut Latte, Almond Latte and Oat Latte. The one – cup sachets are easy to prepare by simply adding hot water, stirring & enjoying.

Nescafe Gold Plant Mixes

Look out for influencers who are gearing up for the season with NESCAFÉ GOLD Plant-Based Mixes to serve you with a slice of their life, including Rati Lekalakala, Cara Frew, Zuraida Jardine and the Zulu Vegan to name a few.

The NESCAFÉ GOLD Vegan Lattes are available at all leading retailers’ country wide. Follow the conversation @nescafesa on Instagram using the hashtag #NESCAFEVEGANLATTESZA.


Press release issued by Zebra Square on behalf of Nestlé East and Southern Africa.

Attending My First SA Menswear Fashion Week 2020

Who knew SA Menswear Week isn’t just for men?! I sure didn’t.

Although it is a platform dedicated to the development and promotion of menswear within the African continent, it is open to everyone. This two-day fashion show took place at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on 6 February and ended on 8 February 2020.

I must admit, even though I’m a fashion blogger, I don’t always know about some of these local fashion shows. And I wouldn’t have known about this one if not for a friend telling me about it. She’s the owner and creative director of unisex fashion label, Fashionsilueta, and was showcasing her collection on one of the days.

She invited me and not one to say no to a friend or to a free fashion show, I applied for media accreditation and my application was approved. The entry is free for all but there are perks to media passes like a backstage pass, VIP access, free drinks and entry to the after-party that you wouldn’t get from a normal entry ticket.

Sadly, I missed her show because I was late trying to find parking. Finding parking was a real pain, it was so frustrating I damn near cried. I drove around for close to 40 mins and still did not find parking. Eventually, some security guard at a hotel nearby took pity on me and let me use the hotel parking. It was all very covert and probably against company policy but hey, I won’t tell if you won’t.

I made a mental note to uber to my next fashion show.

Parking space secured, makeup melting with beads of sweat on my face, I still had to walk about 7 minutes – in heels – to the venue where the fashion show was taking place. I wore comfortable mules so walking in them wasn’t so much a problem as was the fact that it was a miserably hot day.

It was about 32 degrees Celsius and I was wearing an oversized blazer which I borrowed from my dad. Even though I was wearing a bandeau top underneath and could have taken off the jacket, I chose not to. The jacket made the look. Without it, I would have looked like I was running errands and not dressed for a fashion show. So I chose to suffer for fashion and remain uncomfortably hot. I am sure I’m not the only one who’s done this and I won’t be the last.

At the SA Menswear Week

I got to the venue, immediately spotted my friend and made a heartfelt apology for missing her show. Thankfully she didn’t give me a hard time about it. Feeling icky from sweat and an oily face, I looked around and was shocked to notice that there were just about as many women as there were men.

It looked like any other fashion show – there were men and women of all races and sizes stylishly dressed.

The one thing I most enjoy about fashion shows is the street style and beautiful people. I enjoy making connections, seeing some of your favourite influencers act ‘too cool for school’.

I took some pictures, drank 2 complimentary glasses of white wine, people watched and in the end, I only got to see one show by Red Thread Apparel before I had to leave.

Overall, it was an interesting experience. I enjoyed myself and got to meet some awesome people.

I wish the organisers would have allocated ample parking space.  It would also have been a good idea to have visible signs directing you to the show venue. But maybe that’s asking too much of a free event. It was very well organised except for those two things.

The next SAMW for Spring/Summer is in July – 09 to 12 July 2020.

For more information, visit

A Nutricosmetic Experience at Cape Town’s ERTH Restaurant

First nutricosmetic restaurant of its kind, ERTH, opened its doors to the public late last year. I was one of the lucky few invited to the media launch.

Situated on 35 Main Road, Green Point Cape Town, ERTH falls under the Skin Co. brand. The restaurant combines health and skincare with a menu designed with ingredients that promote healthy radiance from within.

Incorporated in the foods are four ingestible cosmetic ingredients. They are;  Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen (using fish-based peptides), Resveratrol and potent Phyto Ceramides – all of which have countless benefits for the human body. These skin-loving actives although tasteless have some nutritional goodness designed to give your skin the nutrients it needs.

My 2020 Resolution| Health Is Wealth

I’m all about healthy living in 2020.  Exercise and a balanced diet is a must. And, as a self-proclaimed skincare enthusiast, I was deeply fascinated by the nutricosmetic element of ERTH. How can one combine skincare and food?

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a complimentary lunch at the restaurant and it was nothing short of an experience.

Finding parking was problematic as can be expected in most places in Cape Town.  Because I was wearing heels, I was not prepared to walk miles from my car to the restaurant and back. But after driving around the same spot twice, I luckily found parking across the road from the restaurant.

My Experience at ERTH

The ambience at ERTH is clean, minimalist but also warm and cosy. Well lit with clusters of hanging pendant lights from the ceiling and natural light coming in through the windows casting some beautiful glow on the space. Perfect spot for taking selfies or if you just want to hotdesk from a comfortable and relaxed space.

The menu is pretty plain looking and it consists of an A4 paper with the different food options typed on it.  However, the food offerings are anything but plain.

The restaurant caters to vegetarians, vegans and pescetarians. I’m none of the three so I opted for the safer pescatarian option.

I had the Salmon Benedict with local salmon trout, poached eggs, hollandaise, rocket served on gluten-free toast and marine collagen infusion. To drink, I had the Hyaluronic Acai smoothie. Slightly thicker than most smoothies I’ve had but great tasting.

The Salmon Benedict was for me a bit of an acquired taste, one I have yet to acquire.  I have never had gluten-free bread before and I didn’t enjoy the texture. I’ve always considered going vegan or at least vegetarian but I love my meat too much.

But in spite of my carnivore preference, I was glad for the experience and enjoyed trying something different. I may just stick to my veggies and chicken or salad and chicken but the skincare products which are all-natural and cruelty-free were by far my favourite. I bought the Kale Moringa & Broccoli Squalane using a gift voucher and will definitely go back for more skincare and some of their delicious smoothies and health sodas.

If you’re looking to try something different,  or maybe you’re a vegan/ vegetarian looking for a fun new place to eat then ERTH is your go-to.

The ambience is great, pricing of food and skincare products are friendly.

ERTH is open on Tuesdays – Sundays from 08:00 – 17:00.

Follow @erth_ct for more information or to find out more about their innovative dishes.

Photography by Jojola_the_grapher

Edited by me

Valentine’s Day Edition: 10 Things Women Find Unattractive in Men

With Valentine’s Day but a day away, it got me thinking… I have been single every Valentine’s Day for the past three, maybe even four years. Not that the day is particularly significant to me because even in a relationship, I don’t make a big hoo-ha of the day. But short of writing another article on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single woman, or how to turn your Valentine’s into Galentine’s, I thought I’d switch it up a bit.  Because some of us are single for various reasons, not excluding the fact that the choices out there are seriously limited. Too many fuckboys, not enough real men. Am I right, single ladies?

You can’t force chemistry. For me, actions and the person’s character can spark that chemistry or make it fizzle.

There are certain things that even if physically attractive can make a man unattractive in seconds.

Here is my list of 10 things that men do that are a serious turn-off:

  1. Going dutch

Sure I am an independent woman and sure I can take care of myself and pay my own bills but if you are taking me out on a date, please be prepared to pay. And I’m not just talking about paying on one date, pay for the others to come. It’s such a turn-off when a guy expects you to split the bill. If you’re broke or a penny pincher, don’t date.  I know many women who feel the same way I do.

I’m always ready to pay/ split the bill when I go out on a date but if he lets me pay, that’s  – 100 man points and he would be so lucky to get a second date.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to go 50/50 or pay for our bill but only once we’ve established some kind of relationship. If we’re still in the courting phase, abeg respect yourself and pay that bill bros.

2. Lack of confidence

A man who lacks confidence is a no-no. Sure we all have insecurities but it’s about not letting them get the better of you. If you don’t know what you want, you let your nerves get the best of you then there’s not going to be a second date. There may not even be a first.

3. Being cocky

You can be confident but not cocky. There’s something very attractive about a guy that is humble. If you think money, good looks and a great body is all you need to woo a woman, think again oloshi!

4. Not taking time for courtship

Some men move too quickly and I’m sure you ladies know what I mean by that. Most of us attractive females (I’m just stating facts) are not short of ‘ booty calls’  should that be a need.  So, humble yourself. What are you offering other than the purple eggplant? If what you’re looking for is a sex buddy, make that clear so we can decide if we want to waste our time with you. But if you want our hearts, you have to work for it.

5. Talking too much about yourself

Communication is a two-way street. When you talk all about yourself then it’s a monologue and not a dialogue. If you want to talk only about yourself, go see a psychoanalyst. A date is not the place to read out your autobiography.

6. Not responding to text messages

No one is ever too busy to respond to a message. Sure you may not be able to respond immediately but if a whole 24hrs goes by and you do not respond, it’s over!  There are of course extenuating circumstances but it’s disrespectful and shows a lack of regard which is so unattractive. Us self-respecting gals appreciate a man who values us and texts us even on his death bed.

7. Lack of personal  grooming

This is non-negotiable. If your nails are not clean and short, you don’t use cologne, moisturise your lips, don’t even bother approaching me. Personal grooming is very important to me as a person and so I expect it to be just as important in any potential partner. Trim your beard, hair and all that jazz. Grooming is not expensive for men so you have no excuse. Everyone has a different scale of what constitutes as good grooming, these are mine. Ladies, what are yours?

8. Too metrosexual

So you are into personal grooming, good for you! You are what some of us require on paper but when you overdo it, that’s not so attractive. Spending too much time in the bathroom fixing your hair, your lips so well moisturised it looks like you wear lipgloss is a bit much.  Practise good grooming habits but don’t overdo it.


9. Checking out other women

It’s no secret that women are bloody attractive. I find myself questioning my sexuality sometimes but a man who has to look at every exposed cleavage or turn to look every time a woman walks by is repulsive. It gives off  ‘creep’  vibes. I’m not saying don’t look, it would be unnatural not to which in itself is also unattractive so look but don’t be creepy, dude!

10. Not being Chivalrous

This is really quite up there for me. There’s nothing more unattractive than an insensitive man. It really does something to me when a man sees you struggling and offers to help. It could be to carry my suitcase up a flight of stairs, offer to carry my groceries. Whatever it is if he doesn’t have my number and he asks for it, I most likely will give it to him without hesitation. But a man who sees you struggling and does nothing, – 1000 man points.

Those are just some of the things that make a guy unattractive to me. I know some of you ladies can relate while some of you may not. Please leave a comment and let me know which ones you agree with and which ones you disagree with. Feel free to add on your list of things you find unattractive in a man.

And if you’re a single man reading this and you are guilty of any of the above, please do better. Happy Valentine’s day! Single or in a relationship, love yourself.


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