LUSH x Spongebob Squarepants

It’s time to make waves and nautical nonsense with this new collection of completely plastic-free products! From a tropical body balm to fruity bath fizzers – this collection will help customers turn the tide and help keep oceans clean.

Findings from Mintel(1) show that plastic pollution remains one of the top three concerns for consumers when it comes to environmental issues in the last two years.

Findings from Mintel(1) show that plastic pollution remains one of the top three concerns for consumers when it comes to environmental issues in the last two years.

Today, 60% of Lush’s sales are entirely packaging-free. So, whether you’re taking your first step away from the pump or whether you’re motivated to move over to a fully plastic-free routine – Lush has you covered.

‘‘We love soap! So, to create a plastic free range of products on behalf of SpongeBob SquarePants, an iconic character, series and brand, representing an undersea world that we are all trying to protect, was an obvious fit for Lush. We’re thrilled to partner with Paramount Consumer Products and Nickelodeon on SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Sea Change. We had so much fun with this collaboration and the Krabby Bathy is a new innovation for us — a hybrid soap, bath bomb and bubble bar. We think the fragrances are extra special, think tropical, pineapple and coconut, dreamy combinations that are unique to this range.” Melody Morton, Lush Concepts Creative Director.

In support of Paramount’s SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Sea Change campaign, a global ocean conservation and sustainability initiative, which kicked off last year, Lush is thrilled to have been able to co-create a range of six new, fun and immersive products across bath, shower and skin care to ensure multiple steps of your body care routine are covered.

Krabby Bathy Bath Gift R290

Lovingly assembled by experts, Krabby Bathy features two fizzy and fruity bath bomb buns, scented with bergamot and lime oils.

Sandwiched between both of those is a lovingly handmade bubble bar patty with a cheerfully tropical fragrance courtesy of buchu and Sicilian lemon oil.

Lastly, don’t forget your toppings! Two lettuce and tomato-shaped soaps sit delicately on top, both perfumed with a refreshing watermelon twist. All packed and served fresh inside a fully recyclable box!

Spongebob Soap R89.50

Looking for a fresh and fruity soap? No problemo! Grab your soapy pal SpongeBob, lather up with a blend of cleansing and brightening fresh pineapple juice and uplifting buchu oil to cheer your mood, while extra virgin coconut oil keeps hands hydrated.

Surprised Patrick Bath Bomb R95

Hop in the tub with this fizzy friend for a sweet vanilla and coconut-fragranced bathe, transforming your water into a beautiful peach sunset.

Featuring coconut milk powder, Surprised Patrick Bath Bomb froths, foams, and crackles with popping candy, creating creamy, soothing bathwater that lightly hydrates your skin. Catch this packaging-free starfish soon, because he’s only available for a limited time.

Squidward Bubble Bar R95

Soak your aching tentacles, forget your cynicism, and relax under piles of soft, fluffy bubbles! Seaweed absolute softens you up, while violet leaf absolute and Persian lime oil leave you feeling fresh and cheery.

This packaging-free bubble bar is your bathtime equivalent of a citrusy poolside margarita, that’s sure to serve up smiles!

Home Sweet Pineapple Body Balm R165

Go plastic-free with this pineapple under the sea! Say ‘Ahoy!’ to brilliantly moisturised skin, thanks to this naked body balm’s base of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter.

Meanwhile, fresh pineapple juice and davana oil will leave your soft skin with a sweet, tropical scent that’s pure piña colada perfection.

Spongebob Bath Bomb R165

For the best bath ever, make a splash into cheerful passion fruit-scented waters!

It’s party-time in the tub with everyone’s favourite sea sponge, so dive into a fresh and fruity blend of enzymic pineapple powder, sweet wild orange oil, and popping candy for a cracking good time.

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Lifting The Veil on Facial Thread Lifts

10 Must-Know Facts

In our virtually inclined reality, more of us are spending our days running the world through an endless stream of Zoom calls. As we squint against shabby cameras, shoddy lighting and shiny screens we are left feeling vulnerable as we examine every imperfection in our faces. It is not surprising then that the facial aesthetics industry has seen significant growth in non-invasive treatments over the last 18 months.

Non-invasive facial enhancements, in general, create structure, soften ageing and remedy sagging. However, certain treatments are tailored to specific problems. The facial thread procedure, in particular, is exploding in popularity for its ability to lift your face making you look reinvigorated.

Digital aesthetics practitioner Dr Sheryl Smithies is an authority on holistic facial treatments that look at beauty through an integrated approach and explains everything you need to know about thread procedures.

What is ageing anyway?

When you age your facial tissues, like the muscle in the deep plane, diminish which leads to the increased laxity of the skin. The bone and the fat pads underneath the skin also change shape, migrate and often get smaller over time making the skin slightly saggy and wrinkly as the support underneath it decreases.

What are threads?

Facial threads are sutures that are placed under the skin in the deep plane to encourage our bodies to create the collagen needed to replace the facial structure that is naturally lost due to ageing. There are several different types of threads nowadays. Including barbed and smooth threads made from polydioxanone (PDO), polylactic acid (PLA) or polycaprolactone (PCA).

Whether you have smooth or barbed threads done, they work by causing a slight irritation under the skin that stimulates collagen growth. Over time, the thread is replaced by a band of collagen. This means that once the thread has dissolved, your collagen will remain, creating a stronger support structure for your skin.

Even though the threads themselves last 12-18 months, the effects last longer due to the collagen build-up. Whilst by no means permanent, the collagen that is stimulated will last in your skin for 18 – 24 months.

What can I expect?

First, you need to have had a consultation with your doctor and settle on the ideal treatment as every face has unique asymmetries that make it beautiful. Every procedure begins by mapping out your face and giving you a numbing injection which will also decrease post-treatment bruising. Once you are numb, a small puncture site is created through which the thread will be inserted.

Depending on the type of thread treatment done you can expect to feel varying levels of discomfort. If you are having anchor threads done to lift skin, you may feel significant tightness during the procedure. Threads are so popular particularly because they are not unusually painful. However, they are still a medical procedure that involves inserting a foreign body under the skin and tugging on it so you can expect a little discomfort.

How can I prepare For treatment?

Mentally preparing for any procedure, even non-invasive ones have been proven to have a positive effect on your healing process. Knowing the facts, having realistic expectations, being content with your motive for having the procedure, and having a doctor you trust is important to your treatment outcome. You will also need to stop any blood thinners or supplements that may cause bleeding such as Turmeric and Omega 3’s. In terms of home care, a good quality skincare regime will maintain your skin in its best form for this procedure.

What are the risks?

Because of its minimally invasive nature, not much goes wrong with the thread procedure. However, there will always be a chance of having unwanted effects after the treatment such as bruising and uneven skin are all potential side effects of a thread treatment. Luckily, however, these are all short lived.

Whilst the risk is very minimal, any treatment that involves needles can have unwanted outcomes such as haematoma formation, nerve damage, uneven results and allergic reactions. The chances are minimal but this is why it is very important to tell your practitioner all of your medical history before proceeding with the treatment.

If there is a medical reason such as allergies or auto-immune diseases you should not proceed with the thread treatment.

Why is the latest technology important?

Technology is continuously improving and allowing us to digitally map and tailor holistic facial improvement programs to give patients results better than they dreamed of. I personally love working with the Aptos brand as they are at the forefront of material technology. Their use of embedding Hyaluronic acid – which is naturally found in skin cells – into the threads creates an extra boost of moisture and tissue conditioning for better results.

For anyone battling against the emotional drain of feeling like they look less than their true selves, threads can offer not only a more youthful appearance but hope. Ideal for anyone looking for minor reshaping that will enhance their natural beauty threads can leave you feeling empowered, confident and revitalised if your motivations for the procedure are sound. The gift of looking and feeling like yourself again through facial enhancement improves how you perceive and are perceived by the greater world and will leave you feeling comfortable in your skin – no matter your age.

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2020 Beauty Gadgets for Soft, Smooth & Younger Looking Skin

It’s a new year and if you’re like me, one of your goals this year is to give your skin the nourishment it deserves to keep it looking ageless.

Having weekly facials isn’t just costly but it’s also time-consuming and let’s be real, unrealistic for most of us hardworking folks. To save myself some time and money, I invested in beauty gadgets that’ll help my skin feel soft and smooth to the touch while also giving me a youthful glow. From pore vacuuming devices to LED lights that kill bacteria causing acne, these gadgets will change your life.

If you are looking to improve your skincare routine, spend less money on facials and learn more about these life-changing beauty gadgets, then keep on reading.

But first…

How to Take Care of Your Skin

Good skincare = good skin. Generally speaking, this is true but sometimes good skincare just isn’t enough. But before we delve deeper, let’s examine what constitutes good skincare.

Good skincare is simply properly cleansed and hydrated skin. A properly cleansed skin consists of basic items like a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. But for some people like me, that just isn’t enough to get a glowing, hydrated skin.

There are numerous factors like stress, diet, weather, hormones and genetics that play a part in how your skin performs. I’ve learnt to study my skin so that when I break out or my skin looks and feels like sandpaper, I can almost always identify the cause.

Mind you, I’m no skincare expert, I’m still learning and probably will continue to do so for a while. But I know enough to identify my skincare needs and one of the most important things I’ve learnt is never to use more than one product brand on my face at a time. That way, if I have a reaction, I can always be sure of what is responsible.

Rather than slapping on multiple products on your face, it is important to learn to gauge your skin’s needs and choose your products accordingly. These needs also vary day by day as the weather massively affects how your skin performs.

My skin

I have oily skin in summer, oily/combination in winter. I am prone to hormonal breakouts which is accelerated by my aggressively sweet tooth. I stuff my face with chocolates and junk food at least two weeks prior to my menstrual cycle and my face treats me in kind. Like a rebellious teenager, my face sprouts acne spots. I also have enlarged pores around my cheeks and dark spots from when the breakouts dry up. The oil on my face produces white and blackheads and lately, the pore strips haven’t been enough to get rid of them completely. See my review of Biore pore strips here.

Knowing my skin type and concerns are, I am able to identify and buy myself the right skincare products and gadgets.

Do you know your skin type?

Here is my list of beauty gadgets for smoother, soft and younger-looking skin

Sorbet Pore Purifier

The Sorbet 4 in 1 Pore Purifier

What they say: This product is said to combine powerful suction with its custom attachments which help to extract dirt and other impurities clogging your pores.

Why I love it: I’ve only been using the pore purifier for two weeks and let me tell you, I LOVE it! It’s easy to use, it’s portable, it doesn’t hurt – if you use it correctly – and it’s completely changed my skincare routine. Since using it, my face feels softer,  makeup applies flawlessly and the price makes it accessible to just about anyone at just R349 at Clicks.

For a detailed description and to shop the tool, click here.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller


Rose Quartz Facial Roller

What they say: The rose quartz stone roller is designed to drain the lymphatic system and boost circulation, making it the perfect option to depuff and calm inflamed skin. Roll in upward motions over your face to tighten pores, improve texture, and minimize under-eye circles.

Why I love it: This one is just a week old and I’ve only actually used it twice – I know, shame on me. But I love the rose gold detail and how cooling it feels on my face without even putting it in the fridge. For a more cooling and relaxing effect, you’re advised to put it in the fridge.

It’s a really great way to get your skincare product to really penetrate deep into your skin and do its job. Especially perfect when you use it after the pore purifier. It comes with a set of instructions and at R499, kinda pricey but I like to think my face is worth it. I got mine at Faithful to nature, first time shopping on their website so I got R100 off.

For a detailed description and to shop the tool, click here

Derma roller

What they say: A derma roller is used to help rejuvenate the skin, treat acne scars, reduce the appearance of large pores and signs of ageing.

Why I love it: This is a tough one because I would be lying if I say that I love it because I don’t. I have not seen any positive changes to my face since I’ve been using it. So much so that I stopped using it. A beauty therapist did swear by it and assured me that it was a great beauty tool to have and she could attest to its efficacy. She has great skin and I felt inclined to believe her.

So maybe I just don’t know how to use it, maybe I should have had a professional choose which size needle I needed. Maybe I need to put more pressure on my face when using it, maybe, just maybe… However, the thought of puncturing my skin with the needles has deterred me from trying again but I just might give it another go.

I got it for R550 ex delivery on Derma Roller Systems.

For a detailed description and to shop the tool, click here

Sorbet Light Therapy Pen

What they say: It uses the power of light therapy to target and treat breakouts fast.

Why I love it: Unfortunately, another one that I can’t say that I love because I have yet to try it. This one was sent to me by Clicks and is not something I would ordinarily think to buy for myself even though I suffer from the occasional breakout. However, having watched a number of reviews on Youtube, most of the reviews confirm that the light therapy pen works. But if you have a spread of pimples on your face then using this pen would be a giant waste of your time since it only targets one pimple at a time.

The price of the pen excluding battery is R199 at Clicks. However, at the time of writing this post, it was not available on their website nor was it available or anywhere else. But I did find a similar pen going for R179 discounted from R399 on Perfect Dealz.

For a detailed description and to shop the tool, click here

Do you have a beauty gadget that’s not listed here? Let us know what it is and what it does because sharing is caring.