How To Make Money as A Nano-Influencer

If you’re looking for ways to make money as a nano influence, or you’re just curious about how influencers make money then this post is for you.

Hello and welcome to the beginning of what I hope will be a year of growth and many amazing opportunities.

2020 was tough and even though I don’t think 2021 will be any easier, I know that we are strong enough to overcome any and all challenges that may come our way.

New Era

We live in an age where having multiple streams of income is a necessity. It’s not enough to only work  9 to 5 anymore, you should have at least one or two other side hustles.

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that life is precarious. You have to be flexible and adaptable especially when it comes to making a living.

In South Africa today, according to Statista, the unemployment rate is over 30%. This means that the job market is fiercely competitive, and now more than ever, we have to create jobs for ourselves.

Monetising your skill/s has now become a necessity. Gone are the days of having a hobby. We’re now looking for ways to monetise what was once a hobby.

My Personal Journey

Last year was one of the toughest years for me financially. I left the stability of being an employee, the security of a guaranteed salary every month to become self-employed.

For all of last year, I barely made money. With a degree in Corporate Communications and Sociology, Almost 8 years of PR agency experience,  and a Postgraduate degree in Strategic Brand Communications, I struggled to monetise my skills.

The year forced me to look at other ways to make money outside of the typical way I’d grown accustomed to. How can I make money doing what I already do as a nano influencer.

Nano -Influencer

But what is a nano influencer?

There are different types of influencers on social media.  A nano-influencer is a person with influence in a particular niche. They have built an audience of supporters that are interested in what they say and share.  A nano influencer has between 1 000 to 10 000 followers on social media.

But you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of followers to make money on social media.  I’m going to share some of the ways you can make money as a nano influencer in this post.

How To Make Money as A Nano Influencer in 2021

1. Paid partnership/promotion: You are paid an amount, based on your rate, in exchange for creating and sharing content on your social media platform/s. Depending on your following and engagement, you can charge between $25 to $1500 per post. This will also depend on the type of content. Is it a video or a picture?

If you are reviewing a product for a brand – or an experience – this will be provided at cost to the brand, in addition to your standard rate.
This ensures that you are able to talk about the product/experience with confidence and authenticity. I would highly recommend this personal trial before sharing with your audience.
I also always disclose if it is a paid partnership. Check out this post to see how I disclose paid partnerships.

influencer paid partnership on Instagram

2. Sponsored post/ad: Some people lump a sponsored post and paid partnership together as one and the same but they are different. A sponsored post may or may not involve monetary compensation.
Depending on your agreement with the brand, they can either offer payment in the form of money or a voucher. For example, I received a R1500 shopping voucher from Superbalist in exchange for this blog article.

Or you may receive your favourite skincare product in exchange for a mention on your skincare review list. You typically have more autonomy in creating content for a sponsored post or ad than you would have when it is a paid partnership. This is because some brands prefer to control their narrative.

3. Trade Exchange: There is no money involved in this exchange. A brand may give you a product or service – at an agreed valued – in exchange for exposure on your platform.  This is the most common way for smaller brands with little budget to work with influencers. An example of a trade exchange I did is with the LadyBossBlogger. I was offered a free course on how to make money as an influencer valued at almost $400 in exchange for exposure on my blog and Instagram page.

4. Affiliate advertising: This means that you earn a commission for every product sold if the buyer uses your unique link or code. You can approach any brand with an affiliate program to do this.

A few of my affiliate partnerships are listed below. If you make a purchase using any of the links, you get a discount for some and I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you. So feel free to check them out at the end of the article as I only recommend products or services that I have personally tested and highly recommend.

5. Brand Ambassadorship: This would normally be a contract between the brand and influencer lasting a few months, 6-months or more, in exchange for free products.

Some brands pay you a commission for every product you sell or they pay you for every piece of content you create.

There are certain rules and regulations that you would have to adhere to; For example, if it is a fragrance brand, you may have to sign a contract not to wear any other fragrance but that brand’s for a year. The terms you agree to would be based on what you’re comfortable with.

6. Event Hosting/Appearance: If you are a thought leader in your niche or perhaps you have a large following of people that a particular brand wants to tap into, the brand will then pay you to host an event or to make an appearance. Club appearances, Masterclasses and Beauty events are just a few of these.

These are just some of the many ways to make money as a content creator/influencer. Content creation is not something you get into if you are looking to make quick money. It takes hard work, dedication and consistency to get some of these opportunities. It is not as glamourous as it looks.

You may have to do a few trade exchanges before you get paid promotions. You also have to be discerning with your collaborations. Working with brands that don’t align with your personal brand just to make money will only hurt your brand in the long run.

Work smart, be patient and everything will fall into place as it should.

Check out my post on Instagram @thediscerningstylist to learn how to price yourself as an influencer and get paid your worth.


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Disclosure: If you make a purchase using any of the links, you get a discount for some and I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you. So, feel free to check them out as I only recommend products or services that I have personally tested and highly recommend.

Is the LadyBossBlogger Influencer Course Worth the Investment?

Are you just starting out as an influencer or have you been at it for a while but still have no clue what you’re doing?

There are so many free and paid resources out there but it can get overwhelming filtering through the best one for you.

I only started to take my content creation journey seriously this year. I didn’t realise how little I knew but thought I knew. Brands I love were reaching out to me so I thought I must be doing something right.

If a brand reaches out to you without you having to make the initial introduction, it’s a good sign. It shows that you’re on their radar, but any wrong move and they quickly lose interest.

You want to stay on their radar and cultivate a relationship.

I didn’t think beyond the present and I did so many things wrong.

I made several mistakes. Mistakes that I don’t want anyone else to make.

If I had known about courses like the LadyBossBlogger’s How To Make Money As an Influencer,  things would have been a lot easier and I would have secured paid brand deals even with just 1000 followers instead of only now slowly starting to get some paid collaborations with just under 10  thousand followers.

The thing is I like freebies, who doesn’t? So often you think watching a Youtube video and reading a few tips here and there is all the strategy you need to make it as an influencer, WRONG!

The best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a course. But not just any course, there are so many out there that charge a lot of money but don’t offer real value.

This course is the second course I’ve taken this year on personal branding and it is by far my best and most informative for making money as an influencer.

Here are 3 Reasons Why you Should Invest in the LadyBossBlogger: How To Make Money as an Influencer Course

1. It’s affordable.

Although this influencer course may seem pricey, it is worth it! You get 40% off using my discount code TEJUMADE which is almost half the price and way more than I spent for my initial course which although informative didn’t have all the information I needed to approach brands and monetise my influence. This will be the best investment you make if you want to level up and make money as an influencer.

2. It’s informative.

Just in the introduction which is the first section of the lecture you learn:

3. It works!

I don’t email brands as often as I should but working in PR, I know how to pitch myself to a brand. I even wrote a blog article on Brand Collaborations; How to Make it Happen, but it wasn’t until I used the LadyBossBlogger email template and saw how quickly the brand I pitched to responded with interest to work with me that I knew I had a winner on my hands.

The LadyBossBlogger course is affordable, informative and it works!

From (i) how to curate your Instagram page (ii) scheduling an Instagram post (iii) Calculating your cost (iv) Creating your media kit to so much more, this course is a must-have for anyone who wants to take their content creation journey to the next level and make money.

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Make Money As an Influencer with LadyBossBlogger + Giveaway

Make Money As an Influencer with LadyBossBlogger

My Journey as an Influencer

I recently decided to take my content creation journey seriously. I have been blogging for about 7 years now and have had my Instagram account with close to 9 thousand followers for 4 years. But I haven’t actually made any money from it.

Sure I’ve had some PR products sent to me and collaborated with some of my favourite brands with sponsored posts here and there but nothing that’s made me feel like I can turn my passion into a profitable business.

That’s definitely my fault though. I haven’t until recently realised how what I’ve been doing has been hurting instead of aiding me on my journey.

How do I grow my following?

This is really what I was most concerned about; How do I grow my following?

I had no real strategy and posted content most times at whim. I didn’t apply the same discipline and commitment I do to my full-time job and that only hindered my growth.

Never having invested in a course that would develop my skills and help me monetize my influence, I decided that this is what I was missing. And even though I hadn’t budgeted for it, I felt like it was now or never. I wanted to learn from someone or someones already doing it and killing it. So I invested in a six-week course with my objective being to book my first brand deal during or at least the first two weeks after the course.

Let’s just say that things didn’t go as planned. I completed the course and even though the content was great,  it wasn’t really anything that I didn’t already know as a marketer and from all the Instagram tips out there that I had read so it was disappointing for me in that sense.

But then came LadyBossBlogger.

LadyBossBlogger: How to Make Money as An Influencer

So just when I had resigned myself to figuring it out on my own, I got offered this wonderful opportunity to take this course: How to Make Money as an Influencer with LadyBossBlogger. The course is sponsored and even though I am only on lecture 2 of 8, the things I have learned thus far are mind-blowing. ‘

The level of detail in the first two lectures is more than I got in the first 4 weeks of the other course I took. Everything you need to know whether you’re just starting out or you’re like me, finally trying to get this influencer thing right.

Want to know THE best part? I’ve partnered with LadyBossBlogger to host a giveaway to win a course of your choosing! Details at the end of this post.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but I can’t express to you how excited this makes me.  To be able to give you something as valuable as this for FREE is so exciting.

 LadyBossBlogger Course Giveaway

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I can’t wait to complete this course so I can begin to implement everything that I have learned.

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Just between us, had I known what I know now then, I would have rather spent my money on this course instead of the first one. Because just on lecture 2, I feel like this is a gem.

Get yours now for 40% off. You also have the option to pay in instalments.

I can’t wait to share more with you over the coming weeks!

Good luck! x

What Every Blogger Needs + Free downloads

Are you a blogger or an aspiring one? If you answered yes then I’ve got something for you. Something you need but you may not know that you need. Something that will make your life so much easier. It will elevate your content and take it from a C to an A+.

And if you are still new to this blogging business and you haven’t even found your niche then hold your horses!  First head over to my Youtube channel to watch a video I put together just for YOU that’ll help you become clearer on the steps you need to identify and map out to go forward on this journey. GO ON! Link is here.

Okay, first of all, happy new month! Wherever you are in the world, we’re going through the same thing so I can safely say, may this month of May be better than last month.  May it be the season finale of Corona (I saw that somewhere on social media, I thought it was funny and very relatable).

But before I deviate and go completely off-topic, let’s get back to blogging, shall we?

As I was saying, as a blogger/content creator, one of the biggest struggles can be coming up with CONTENT. Am I right? Personally, I don’t have that problem. I’m not even trying to be conceited, it’s the truth. My execution might need some work,  my creativity some spice and my relatability may be questionable but ideas are mostly always overflowing in my head like the river Nile. But whether you have a plethora of content ideas or you have none, there is one thing that will make your life one million per cent better and that is …


An editorial content calendar will totally change your life. I’m not going to lie, I used to plan my content off the cuff. I’ll have ideas in my head and only in my head.  Some I’ll forget about, some I’ll implement in a rush which meant there was no consistency with my blog posts.

I am paying about R3000 a year for this space, and all of that feels like it’s for nothing when I’m not even posting once a month.

But since I started using a content calendar, my consistency has improved.

Here are 5 reasons you need a content calendar
1. To help you stay organised

There’s something about planning that makes you feel in-charge and in control of your life. When you plan your content, it becomes easier to avoid that dreadful feeling of not knowing what to write about.  Everything is reviewable and not just some idea floating around in your head. You can look at your planned content, see if it’s feasible, brainstorm ideas and even research other articles of the same topic. This will be of tremendous help when writing your blog post so you know how to differentiate your content from previously existing content.

2. It helps you stay topical

If you know that Mother’s day is on May 10 then you can plan your content to speak to mothers on that day if they are your audience. If you just write at whim then your content just seems arbitrary and won’t resonate with the intended audience.

3. Easy to delegate

Not all bloggers are ‘solopreneurs’. Some work in a team. I work in PR, I know. Part of what we do is to plan the client’s blog posts. This then means the client can review and approve content and if a team member falls ill someone else can take over without any hiccups. Also if you fall ill, with a planned content calendar, you can delegate and keep the wheels turning.

4. It helps to stay consistent

You’re more likely to follow through with posting when your content is planned. And let’s say god forbid, you forgot to or didn’t have time to draft the content for your post and the day has come for you to post, you can use another source. You already know what you want to post about and there’s nothing wrong with using someone else’s content, so long as you credit the source. If you don’t that’s plagiarism and unethical, a criminal offence too.

5. If 1 to 4 aren’t good enough reasons then I don’t know what to tell you other than that it will change your life.

Since I started planning my content, I feel more at ease and more like a “serious blogger”. Sure,  I change things around and I don’t even always post what I plan to. But that’s the beauty of a content calendar. You can swop things around. It also helps your content make sense. For instance, as a style and beauty blogger, there have been times I’ve just only posted about beauty, nothing on style for a month.  But you can pick that up with a content calendar and decide to space out the content in equal amounts – 50% beauty, 50% style. Or however you wish.

There are so many different types of content calendars out there, most of which just seem unnecessarily complex to me. So I created my own which I’m excited to share with you.

It has the following

  • Days & dates of the month
  • 3 notable events in May
  • Ideas column for brainstorming and putting article links

It’s in a word document and so editable.  You can use it as a template for the next month and just change the dates around.


And just because I can, I also created a month’s worth of Instagram content calendar. Your blog can help you drive traffic to your Instagram page and vice-versa.

There are 16 content ideas because you only need to post on 3 to 4 times a week on Instagram. More than that and it can be seen as spammy.


I really hope this was useful to you. Please let me know by leaving a comment if it has been and how you get on with the free downloads. You can also tag me on Instagram.

Love and light to you and yours.

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Brand Collaborations: Everything You Need To Know To Make It Happen

Product Review: Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash Range

Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever and has been around for over 6 decades.

I grew up with my mum using Dove. It’s a classic.

Dove has had its fair share of controversy, as a matter of fact, I stopped using Dove products a few years ago, 2017 because of its racially insensitive ads.  But, as a believer in second chances, I have decided to give the brand another chance, let love in, I mean, Dove. Let Dove in.

Dove’s recent campaign on #RealBeauty was intended to break the negative chain of misrepresentation of women in the media. This initiative, coupled with my resolve for a second chance got me to see Dove in a more forgiving light.

In the spirit of second chances, I signed up with Rubybox to test and review the Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash range, here are some of my thoughts, but first…

What you need to know about Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash

The unique NutriumMoisture technology is said to give you softer, smoother skin just after one shower.

Dove’s 1/4 moisturising cream together with warm, feminine scents create a Purely Pampering range with Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla and Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals.

Both are creamy, nourishing and rich, with a fragrance designed to take you to a place of deep relaxation, and create a beauty ritual that leaves you feeling truly pampered.


 Let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?
Here are my thoughts:

I’ve always preferred body washes/shower gels to bar soaps. I love the smell of a fragranced body wash, and I enjoy the moisturising and soothing effects you get from body washes.

The Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash range consists of:


    1. The Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla (R39.99 at Clicks)

2. Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals (R39.99 at Clicks)

Both of these washes come in a 250ml bottle.  They are cream in colour and have a medium cream-like consistency.

A dime-sized amount of the wash is all you need to wash the entire length of your body.

The Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla body wash smells divine. You can smell the sweet smell of vanilla with each wash.

The Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals smells just as divine. Just imagine the smell of coconut and jasmine… it takes you to a tropical paradise, doesn’t it?

It was difficult to pick a favourite of the two but I definitely love the scent of the shea butter and warm vanilla better.

Here are some PROS
  • Warm, luxurious and feminine scents
  • Creamy texture that lathers well
  • Size and package makes it easy to travel with
  • The fragrance lingers on the skin after a shower
  • Allergy-free
  • Affordable
  • Leaves skin feeling soft

There is no con that I can think of except that I would like it in a bigger bottle and maybe they can come up with different scents.


Would I recommend this range? Absolutely! I love everything about it.

Clicks is currently running a promotion: Buy any 3 selected Dove Body Washes and get the cheapest free. Available in selected stores only. Valid until 13 May 2019.

One Outfit Worn Three-Ways

One oufit worn three ways? Yes, please!

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I like to get my money’s worth.

Will I be able to wear it again?

Will I be able to style it differently without looking like I’m wearing the same outfit, even though I am?

If I put on a few pounds, will it still fit?

These are some of the questions I ask myself before purchasing an outfit.

Okay, you got me, I’m lying. I’m sort of an impulsive shopper so I tend to buy when I see if I have the cash on hand.

Not smart, I’ll tell you that much. I would like to be that woman that asks herself at least 5 different questions before buying an outfit. I want to be frugal and penny-wise and make smart decisions.

But I deviate. The one question I do ask myself – but after I have bought an outfit and worn it once or twice is, how many different ways can I style it?

Most women that I know love clothes (myself included) and we can never have enough. Sure you may hear us say “I shouldn’t be buying any more clothes, but do we mean it? Hell no!

There is a reason this quote exists:

What you will most likely hear us say is ” Ahhhhhhh, I have nothing to wear!”

Every time I look into my wardrobe, I glance at my clothes with loathing. Like, how dare you not be more than what you are?

Granted, I may not even have enough space in my closet for more clothes (even though I give away material things on a regular) but why should that stop me from wanting more?

Because we never feel like we have enough clothes and because we are not celebrities or  ‘influencers’ who are often sent clothes for free, you gotta work with what you’ve got. Whether it’s little or a lot.

The best way to make the most of the clothes in your closet is to re-style. Whether you can count on both fingers how many clothing items you have,  or have lost count, one thing’s for sure,  we all like the feeling of wearing new clothing.

Getting that feeling is as easy as re-styling. Instead of wearing the same look, the same way, all the damn time, get creative!

That’s what I did with this co-ord set from Mr Price clothing.

Look 1 – Original

Look 2

Look 3

You like?

Casual, professional and fun all in one look.

The real tea on this pants…

Let me tell you, so many people love this pants. I know because they told me on Instagram and on the streets. But I will say the quality is freaking poor! I’ve only worn it once and the button fell out, some threads were sticking out of the fabric and it looks like I have washed it many times over even though it has to be washed.

I can probably only get another wear out of it after washing and never be able to wear it again. It looks good but its far from good, at least in my opinion. It’s a bit like throwing money down the drain but hey, at least I looked good for a day and got three styles out of her.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. If you did and would like to see more posts of me re-styling outfits, holla at your girl. xo

Are Social Media Influencers the New Age Celebrities?

“You’re an influencer”.

“Aargh, I hate that word!”

“But that is what you are. You are no longer just a ‘blogger’, you have influence, and you influence people’s buying decisions”.

This is the exchange I had with a friend of mine a few months ago who is a beauty and mommy blogger/vlogger/influencer with thousands of following on social media.

Who or what is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who is capable of influencing a consumer’s purchase decision. An influencer is typically someone with a massive social media following. The Marketing Hub describes an influencer as an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. Read more here.


According to the Collins dictionary, a celebrity is someone who is famous especially in areas of entertainments such as films, writing or sport.

So how do the two relate? A celebrity can be an influencer but can an influencer be a celebrity?

Traditionally, celebrities were the only influencers. But how things have changed. You are an influencer not because of a skill you possess e.g. acting, singing, sports or dancing. You’re an influencer because of the number of followers and engagement you have on social media.

And what’s more, you have different categories of ‘influencers’. You have ‘influencers’ and then you have ‘micro-influencers’. The latter are mini-influencers who have between 10 thousand and 100 thousand followers.

Have influencers replaced celebrities when it comes to brand endorsement?

When it comes to marketing campaigns for products, most global brands have a marketing budget for both celebrities and influencers. But these days, brands seem to rely more on influencers than they do on celebrities to promote their products or associate with their brand – brand ambassador program. Why? Because people aka consumers find influencers more relatable than celebrities.

An influencer is ‘normal’. He or she is like you and I. Influencers have the same struggles that we do; bad hair days, fat days, broken refrigerator, overbearing toddlers, the list is endless.

Not to say celebrities are abnormal or that they too don’t have similar or the same problems but they are much more discreet about it. They would rather not have the world know about their troubles. One of an influencer’s main roles is to be relatable.

After all, you can’t affect change if people can’t relate to you. Just think of politics and politicians and you’ll get the picture.

Shane Barker of small biz trends ran a Twitter poll to find out who people believed would dominate the consumer industry this year, influencers or celebrities? A surprising 77% of the participants voted influencers.

Beauty and fashion brands like Fashionova, Lancome, Too Faced, Black Opal and KKW are all realising the power of the influencer and thus centring their marketing campaigns around influencers, queue the term ‘influencer marketing’.

Unlike most celebrities, influencers engage with their followers. They respond to comments, provide content based on what you, their followers enjoy and request.

Because of the effect influencers have on consumers, they are adored by brands. Dare I call them ‘brand darlings’?  They are treated much in the same way that celebrities are. Free travel and accommodation,  first-class travel and all the perks that come with it.

It is in fact celebrities who now want to be like influencers. Celebrities and beauty moguls, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner recently created a How to: makeup tutorial video showing consumers how they use cosmetics from their makeup line, in an effort to connect with their consumers. A few years ago, this was not done. The makeup tutorials were strictly reserved for the beauty vloggers/bloggers aka ‘influencers’.

Celebrities VS Influencers

There is often some confusion distinguishing between celebrities and influencers. They both have a huge social media following, they both are fawned over by brands and consumers and now that brands see the value in influencer marketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between the two.

However, the major distinguishing factor between influencers and celebrities is that the former has a strong online presence and is not famous for sports or entertainment. Most new age influencers are famous for going ‘viral’ online.

What makes influencers the new age celebrities?

Here are 4 reasons 

Image credit – Dreamstime

1. Buying Power

In the past, celebrities are the ones with the mass appeal that could influence a consumer’s buying decision. Celebrities and adverts. Now, brands pay influencers to promote their products. Because they realise that consumers are more likely to buy a product because their friend or someone with a similar skin tone to theirs uses and swears by the product.

I’ve bought products based solely on the reviews of influencers, Jennie Jenkins, Patricia Bright and Jackie Aina. Many of us do. Influencers are influenced by other influencers, it’s a cycle.

Image credit – Any Subject

 2. Fan/Follower?

Fans of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber, to name a few, would faint or scream at the sight of their idol, barely able to contain themselves, and then ask for a picture or an autograph. This is also becoming the case with social media influencers and their followers.

Influencers are now held in the same high esteem as some of these A-list actors and musicians.

Image credit –

3. Brand sponsorships

Depending on how popular you are and how many followers you have, brands want to work with you. It used to be that brands would send free items to celebrities; from cars, clothing to jewellery. But now brands send their products to social media influencers just for a chance of a mention on the influencer’s social media channel.

Image credit – Canva

4. Hollywood lifestyle

Influencers get the VIP treatment that used to be reserved solely for A-list celebrities. From free travel and accommodation to discounted living. Some of these influencers even get to rub shoulders with the A-list celebs and or work with them.

Image credit – Youtube

Are celebs worth it?

This is the question most brands and digital marketing experts are starting to ask. According to Tribe Dynamics, 80% of the top 15 beauty brand collaborations for the first half of the year were co-ventures with influencers. Just a mere 20% were collaborations with celebrities.

Because influencers are now hot commodity their value has risen and so has their star power.

Are you an influencer or aspiring to be one? Do you agree that influencers are the new ‘celebrities’?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

Brand Collaborations: Everything You Need To Know To Make It Happen

Let’s be real for a minute, the blogosphere is a ridiculously saturated and competitive industry. This makes it difficult to stand out because everyone is doing the same damn thing.

But what sets a blogger apart are the collaborations – brand collaborations to be exact. Think of it this way, you can have a degree but without a job, you can’t classify yourself as a working professional or employed – you are unemployed.

Same with bloggers. You are not a legitimate blogger until you begin to get those collaborations. Bloggers need the collaborations to take what would otherwise be termed a ‘hobby’, a job. It’s a hobby until you start making money from it.

Blogging is a job like any other and it requires dedication and hard work.  As a blogger, you’re creating content, doing social media management, photography, editing… The whole shebang, and it is a lot of work! So many people are now leaving their steady 9 to 5 jobs to focus full time on blogging.

Brand collaborations are every bloggers’ dream, but how do you get a brand’s attention when the industry is so saturated and difficult to break into?

A. Do you build your brand image and following and hope that the right brands will eventually notice and reach out?


B. Do you reach out to brands and get them- no, force them- to notice you?

I’ll let you think about that for a second.

So, now that you’ve thought about it, what do you think?
A or B?

If you chose A, I ’d tell you that’s not a good idea and here’s why.

When you are unemployed or looking for a job, do you sit at home, not send your CV to companies and think a job will fall on your lap? No? So why would you apply that sketchy logic to brand collaborations?

When you’re looking for a partner, do you also sit at home or lay in bed, never go out and hope that a man will magically appear at your door and sweep you off your feet? I’d like to think not. So why should brands approach you if you’re just twiddling your thumbs, hoping for some recognition?

If you’re lucky, brands will reach out to you – yes it happens! I’ve had brands reach out to me but I ’ve also reached out to brands and I still do. 90% of the times that I’ve reached out, I’ve got nothing back but that’s due to a myriad of reasons. But you know what? As much as most doors didn’t open, I have had some doors open and all I had to do was reach out.

You won’t get every job you apply for but that doesn’t mean you stop trying.

If you want to reach out to brands but don’t know what to say, how to sell yourself, you’re not alone. I worked in PR and Marketing so I was that girl bloggers would email to work with a brand I  manage. Yet , I find it daunting reaching out to brands.

But don’t worry, I got you. You’ll be emailing brands like a pro after reading these tips.

Here are 6 things you need to know from a brand’s perspective
1. Never EVER just ask for a free product.

Brands want to know what you can offer. How can you help them generate more sales? So before you make a cold call or type that email, think carefully. What is YOUR value, not what can you get for free?

2. Show me the stats $$$

This is what brands want to see or a PR/ marketing company representing a brand. This is your currency, your value. If you want brands to give you the time of day you need to have a ‘goodlooking package’, qualitative stats. How many monthly page views do you get? Your demographics. They want to know who your audience is and how they are relevant to their brand. If your audience consists of middle-aged men then you’re better off reaching out to the company that makes Viagra as opposed to one that sells tampons or pads. You feel me?

3. Guarantee results

This kind of ties in with showing brands your stats – social media and blog stats. So a brand wants to know what you can guarantee if they give you free products and pay for space on your blog or social media posts. After showing stats of previous successes, you can just add that you’ll guarantee at least 20% of your followers will buy their products or something equally as titillating. Again, its all about the sales and awareness. If you can’t guarantee a brand that, then forget about it.

4. Be creative

Brands receive hundreds of emails a day so if you’re going to put yourself in front of a brand and interest them in working with you, you have to be creative.  Your subject line must be punchy and to the point and the content in the body of your email just be just as punchy, to the point and creative. “I’d like to do a review of your skincare product” just isn’t going to cut it. Think out the box. Try to propose an idea that not many people are doing.

5. Show passion and  enthusiasm

It is better to collaborate with brands that you love and admire. You want to tell them why you love them and why you want to work with them. Not make them think you’re down for anything so long as it is free. No, you have standards. If you only shop at Zara and Pep approaches you, and you accept (even though it is not your style), you are selling yourself short and demeaning your value. Rather prove yourself to the brands you love than work with any brand out of desperation. It will be tough in the short term but worth it in the long run.

6. Be charming and gracious

Brands are notorious for paying you the least and wanting the most. They want to see you write 10 pages of content, 5 Youtube videos, 2 Instagram posts for R500/ N13 000/ USD 36.

Instead of telling them to fuck off, you can negotiate. That can mean politely telling them no and letting them know what your rates are or do 1 thing instead of 10. Alternatively, if you really want to work with the brand and they don’t budge on how much they’re offering, take it and let them know it’s a one time thing and based on the results you get from your content curation for the brand, you can go back and propose another collaboration opportunity on YOUR terms this time. They will respect you and are more likely going to listen to you knowing what you can bring to the table based on what you have already brought.

Don’t compromise your value by working with any brand that approaches you but you also don’t want to seem like you think any brand is beneath you. No one likes a pompous ass.

With all that great advise, I have even one more to help you with your email pitches to brands. Here’s what you need to put in your email pitch to brands:

  • Punchy, short subject line
  • Qualitative stats
  • 3 to 4 short sentences of what you are proposing
  • Link your blog url and social media pages
  • Be warm and friendly

Note that it is much more challenging to get big name brands to work with you especially if your following is under 2000. So, approach the smaller brands that you love, to discuss how you plan to make your collaboration worth their while.

I hope you found these tips useful. Until Sunday.  Love, light and positivity. xo

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Simi, singer and songwriter appreciation. Winner of AFRIMA 2017 songwriter of the year

Simi appreciation

My taste in music is eclectic. I listen to anything that sounds good, be it rock, pop, country, afrobeat, jazz or whatever.

Although where I am at a particular time tends to determine the genre of music I listen to the most. Since I came back home to Nigeria more than 7 months ago, I have been listening to a lot of Nigerian music. In just 7 months, I’ve discovered some cool artists like Show Dem Camp, Falz, Ycee, Maleek Berry, Seyi Sey and Simi whose music I enjoy.

Simi is a female Nigerian singer and songwriter who recently won an award for songwriter of the year at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2017. I was introduced to Simi’s music late this year when I was watching TRACE music channel. Soldier, a song by Falz featuring Simi came on. I found the video very entertaining. In it, a young lieutenant, played by Falz, seriously pursues to the point of harassing a young village girl (Simi). I couldn’t get over Simi’s sassiness and her beautiful, melodic voice. I’ve watched the music video at least 20 times now and it never gets old. You can watch it here.

Another song by Simi that I love is Joromi. I don’t actually know what the word means but the song is about a girl who fancies a guy. She gives him subtle hints but, you know guys are slow so he doesn’t get it at first but he eventually does and they live happily ever after or so I’d like to think. You can watch the video of Joromi here.


I went to see Simi Live at Hard Rock Cafe and here’s what I thought

I was extremely lucky to have been offered two free tickets to watch Simi Live at Hard Rock Café Lagos last Sunday courtesy of Nothing To Do In Lagos (NTDIL). I had no intention of leaving my house on that Sunday. I tend to spend my Sundays indoors blogging and preparing for the week ahead but tickets to see Simi was something I couldn’t refuse.

Even though I was given two tickets I ended up using only one because I went solo – a first for me. Who goes to a live show alone? Only loners like me but don’t feel sorry for me, I had fun.

The show was supposed to start at 8 pm but it started a little later as is to be expected. I went dressed in all black because I was trying to be obscure. Wallflower is the look I was going for.

Simi eventually came on after a few opening acts. She was wearing a glittery, rainbow coloured Michael Jacksonesque jacket. Her hair was cornrowed with platinum blonde ombre extensions. She looked like you’d expect of a performer. The crowd went wild when she came on stage and I with them (in my head).

She started by saying a few words to the crowd and it got a little emo. You could tell she was appreciative of the turnout and she even said she loved me. Okay, she was addressing the crowd but I was part of the crowd so I guess she loves me.

The space where the performance was held was quite small for the number of people it held. It became a little too crowded when Simi came on stage as people crowded the area like bees drawn to honey. I was so hot and constricted in the space that I spent more time outside trying to get some air than I did inside.

However, what I did see of the performance was great. She got to perform my two favourite songs of hers; Joromi and Soldier.

What you may not know is that Simi is better looking in person. I mean, she’s pretty on TV but she’s even prettier in person. She was full of energy, radiant, warm and bubbly. She danced, sang and did both with a smile on her face for most of the night. Her melodic voice wasn’t so evident over the microphone but I guess that is to be expected when someone sings and dances at the same time.

The crowd cheered louder when Falz came on stage and the chemistry between the two artists was palpable.

I hear that Adekunle Gold also performed with Simi on stage but I didn’t get to see the performance. I was either outside getting some air or had gone home as I was there for just under two hours.

I’m glad I got to see Simi live on stage and I am so thankful to Nothing To Do In Lagos for giving me the opportunity to do so.

I would have preferred the performance to have been on a Saturday night instead of Sunday. But it was nice to do something so out of character for a change.

For more on what’s happening in Lagos, check out or follow @nothingtodoinlagos on Instagram.

Cover image of Simi by @fullish_art on Instagram.

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It’s not even my birthday!

DSCN1530 (2)

DSCN1529 (2)

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DSCN1531 (2)

My birthday was on the 16th of September but I only got to celebrate it on the first weekend in October. Two of my friends flew up from Johannesburg and we celebrated with wine tasting at La Motte and dinner at Pierneef a La Motte.

The thing about getting older is none of the things that excited me a few years ago excite me now. Sure I still want to shake my little tush to Mavado and Vybz Kartel from time to time but partying till the early hours of the morning and drinking (was never much of a drinker anyway) does not do it for me. I am that girl who goes out and is usually the first to want to leave the party. My idea of a fun night out is great food, good bottle of wine, good people and nice music in the background. This idea of fun can be had at home in my pyjamas on my bed!

That said, one of the reasons I like going out is to dress up. I  love it and will seize any opportunity to do so. I love this white bodycon dress from Sissy Boy and I felt very womanly in it.  I love the way it accentuates my curves and the cut outs at the waist add a sexy edge. I felt very much like a “grown woman” in this dress which I styled with white lace up ankle boots from Nine West and a blue bag from Zara.

I completed the white on white look with white nails. The nail polish I used for this look is CND Vinylux.

Wishing you a productive week ahead!