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Dressing your age – The Iconic wrap dress

As I grow older and no doubt wiser, I find that I give a lot more thought to how I dress and how I’m perceived by the way that I dress. This is something that didn’t bother me so much until my late twenties and more so now that I’m 30. When your friends are getting married and having babies, you know your days of dressing sexy are over or are they?

What does it mean to dress your age? Are there certain items of clothing you can’t wear once you’ve reached a certain age? Is dressing your age a good or bad thing? These are all things I’m unpacking in today’s post.

Dressing your age

This is when you wear garments and accessories in a way that complements and flatters your body shape and age. Put simply, dressing your age is the antithesis of trying too hard. A teenager can get away with wearing a short skirt over leggings but a 30-year-old CANNOT – not unless you’re going to an 80’s themed party.

Sometimes you just have to accept that there are certain things you can no longer do once you’ve reached a certain age. For instance, a 40-year-old mother who frequents the club is just sad. I remember the days of going to the club in my early twenties and thinking how pathetic the women and men twice my age looked dancing, drinking and smoking at the club. The same applies to your dressing. If it’s too short or tight and you’re a woman of a certain age, do yourself a favour and ditch it. Just because it ‘still fits’ also doesn’t mean you should be wearing it.

Here is a list of clothing items you shouldn’t wear after 30:

1. Mini-Skirt
2. Dungarees
3. Bedazzled clothing
4. Non-matching socks
5. Furry Boots
6. Booty shorts

Don’t despair, dressing your age doesn’t have to be boring or limiting. There are still so many other things you can wear like jeans, shirts and dresses. Also, invest in quality accessories that will help augment that successful and grown up look.

The Wrap Dress

The iconic wrap dress has been around for some 40 + years. This style was invented by Diane von Furstenberg and its versatility, easy-to-wear, flattering and classic look has earned it a place on the list of ‘grown woman’ look. If you’re over 30 years of age, you should own a wrap dress and if you don’t, you should invest in one. The wrap dress is great for every body type, particularly fuller figures as it accentuates the waistline and bust area in a modest yet sexy way. Whether you’re going to work, church, date or an evening gathering, the wrap dress is sophisticated in its simplicity and paired with the right accessory, you can never go wrong.

Shop the style  here.

Purse: Maria Mccloy

Heels: Legit

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