Experience Online Shopping Like Never Before – When Two Become One

I’m excited! My two favourite South African online retail brands are joining forces.  Two is becoming one.  Say what?!

Some of you may have heard, Superbalist and Spree are getting married! Queue the angels humming.

Yes, Spree and Superbalist will officially be a couple in early October.

Spree will be taking on the name Superbalist instead of meeting in the middle with ‘Sprebalist ‘- we know who wears the pants! 😉

As it turns out, 51%  of the company will be owned by Media 24 (Spree’s current shareholders) while Takealot Group (Superbalist shareholders)  own 49% and run the day-to-day operations and management of the business.   #wearingthepants

I’m super excited because I  LOVE both brands although I always default to Spree for all my fashion shopping needs.

It kind of feels like two of your best friends who you know are perfect for each other are getting married but you’re not invited to the wedding.

Well, I’m not bitter. I can’t wait for the launch!

For more information, visit https://www.cosmopolitan.co.za/style/south-africas-biggest-online-store-launching-soon/

Check out my collective haul on Spree, Superbalist and Zando on my Youtube channel here.

Who’s excited about the launch?!


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