Introducing Fusion – When Fashion Meets Street Art

Fashion is art. That’s what I think. Much like art, fashion can be a form of self-expression. And even though fashion cannot be displayed in a frame like art, it can be linked to a certain period in time, just like art.

International designers, Prada, Oscar De La Renta, Dior and Versace are some of the few designers that have taken the ‘fashion is art’ concept quite literally. From Versace’s 1991 print featuring Warhol’s Marilyn to Prada’s feminist pop art, these designers are taking fashion and art to a whole new level.

Introducing Fusion, a collection by Del Lombard for Fashion Silueta

On the heels of these well-known international designers is African designer, Del Lombard of Fashion Silueta whose new collection, Fusion, is a work of art. The collection is inspired by a combination of street/urban fashion, and artist, Jackson Pollock’s unique painting techniques.


“My collection is inspired by graffiti walls and the splashes of paint you see on a painter’s garment, ” Del Lombard says.

The theme for the Fusion fashion shoot, Street Mob, showcases an artistic yet rebellious expression of the repressed and misunderstood youth.

According to Lombard, “The youth are constantly faced with a challenge to get ahead. Even those born with certain gifts are not always able to fully realise and utilise their gifts. Times are changing and everything is moving so fast that only the fast and strong ones survive”, she concludes.

The Fusion collection is available for purchase on and Repeat After Me in Cape Town, South Africa.

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