Justine Dailycare Perfecting Range Review & Giveaway

Just a month ago, I started using the Justine Dailycare Perfecting range. I was invited to test and review this 3-step range by Rubybox Beauty South Africa for Justine South Africa.

The Justine Dailycare Perfecting range consists of three essential products in any skincare arsenal, namely, cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

I had just a few months prior come to the conclusion that I needed to upgrade my skincare regime and by an upgrade, I mean – splurge. I had this idea that the more expensive a product is, the more effective it is. So, you can imagine that I was quite sceptical about the Justine Dailycare range which is anything but expensive.

Having never used Justine products before and not knowing anyone who had, I had zero to some might even say low expectations.


What does the Dailycare Perfecting range do?

The Dailycare Perfecting range is noted to be for sensitive, uneven skin. The range consists of the Dailycare Perfecting Foaming Cleanser (R79), Dailycare Perfecting Toner (R79) and the Dailycare Perfecting Moisturising Day cream(R159).

Whether your uneven skin is caused by hyperpigmentation, acne marks, sun or age spots, this range claims to help improve your skin’s overall appearance.

I have oily/combination skin and I typically go through an 8 to 10 step skincare routine but I had to forego all my fancy, tedious routine and only use the Dailycare Perfecting range which consists of only 3 steps.


I used these three products religiously, day and night for 29 days. I would start by washing my face with the Dailycare Perfecting Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser is clear with a moisturising, gel-like consistency. I didn’t find it to have a foaming consistency but it did have a cleansing and hydrating feel on my face. I never felt like it was stripping my face of its natural oils nor did my face feel squeaky clean, just clean, hydrated and refreshed. It also has a lovely fragrance that I can’t quite describe. Not overwhelming, just light, delicate and feminine. Must be the ‘parfum’ included in the list of ingredients.


After washing my face with the Dailycare Perfecting Cleanser, I would proceed with a cotton pad and the Dailycare Perfecting Toner. This  is a clear water-like substance which I would wipe over my face with a cotton pad. It also has the same fragrance as the foaming cleanser.

Last on my routine is the Dailycare Perfecting Moisturising Day cream with SPF 25 which I apply on my face and neck. The cream is white in colour with a grey tinge upon application which I believe is as a result of the SPF. The grey disappears after a couple of seconds.

For more details on each of these products and its list of ingredients, click here.

Weekly Review

Even though I did not expect much from these products, my face went through weekly changes to the extent that I considered discontinuing the use of the products.

I had just ended my monthly menstruation cycle when I began using these products so you can see the breakouts on my face in the ‘before’ pictures. You can also see the discolouration.

Week 1

After just one week of using the products, I started to notice some changes. My face was noticeably brighter but my pores were so enlarged, I began to worry. I have large pores around the corners of my nose which I have been trying to minimise so to see the large pores extend beyond my nose area to my cheeks, almost reaching my jawline freaked me out.
At this point, I contemplated calling it quits thinking, “this range is not for me” but I persevered.

Spot the dark mark on my forehead on the picture on the far right.

Week 2

At this point, my skin was beginning to peel. My forehead looked like I was malnourished and missing some key nutrients in my diet. I knew I had to start exfoliating so I began exfoliating every four days.

Week 3

The exfoliation seemed to help, because my skin was beginning to look bright, clear and nourished.

Week 4

My face is noticeably brighter, the pores are not as enlarged and I don’t even have to exfoliate as often as every four days. I revert to my usual once a week exfoliation schedule.

See Week 1 – Now spot the dark mark on my forehead in the picture on the far right. Considerable improvement, wouldn’t you say?


1. V-E-R-Y Affordable.

2. It does what it says – brighter, even skin tone, and increased cell renewal.

3. It smells great.


1. I felt that the products made me a little more oily than normal especially within the first two weeks.

2. The peeling and enlarged pores were a bit of a shock but with exfoliation, I was as right as rain!


This product works. It does what it claims, which is to increase skin’s brightness, increase cell renewal and even skin tone. It did all of that for my skin. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable product to help with uneven skin concerns. I love it! Through this process, I have learnt that the efficacy of a product does not depend on its price.

Do you have uneven skin concerns? Would you like to try these products yourself? Well, you’re in luck because I’m doing a giveaway!
One lucky winner will receive the Justine Dailycare Perfecting range which includes a toner, cleanser and moisturiser.

Here’s how to enter:

1. In the comments, tell me why you want to try the Justine Dailycare Perfecting range.

2. You must be following me on Instagram @thediscerningstylist

Please note that the competition is open to SA residents only. Winner will be emailed. Competition closes at 12:00hrs CAT on 4 September 2018.

Good luck!

You can get the Justine Dailycare Perfecting range on the company website here.

4 thoughts on “Justine Dailycare Perfecting Range Review & Giveaway”

  1. I’ve had problematic skin since grade 7, that was in 2011. I’ve used it all from zulu herbal stuff to Roaccutane to Aloe Vera Gelly. I had cystic acne at some point but now I’m just battling with scarring, uneven skin tone and dry skin. This would be my last chance at having nice skin.

    1. Hi Nompilo. Thanks for sharing. Everyone wants clear, beautiful skin but we’re not all blessed with great skin. I know how depressing it can be to try every product on the market but still have skin problems.

      The Justine Dailycare Perfecting Range does not cure acne but it can definitely help to even out your skin.

      And just for sharing, you will be receiving the Justine Dailycare Perfecting range, Whoop, whoop! Please provide your Instagram handle so I can check that you are following me ;).

      Once complete, I will pop you an email using the email address you provided and you only need to send me your contact details so that I can organise delivery.

      I hope you record your progress on the journey to achieving even skin, I would LOVE to see. x

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