About Littlegig Festival 2017

Last weekend, I had the absolute greatest pleasure of working at the Littlegig 2017 festival, fashion concept store. Littlegig is an all-inclusive 24-hour festival with everything most humans love; music, food tastings, fine art, fashion and design. This year’s festival was held at Wiesenhorf farm in Stellenbosch, 28  – 29 January 2017.

I most probably wouldn’t have had the pleasure of attending the festival if not for the fact that the company I’m employed by does PR for Littlegig. During a phone conversation with Georgia Black, former fashion magazine writer/editor and founder of Littlegig, my boss casually asks me “TJ, would you like to volunteer at the Littlegig fashion concept store?” All I heard was fashion and to that, my immediate response was “absofreakinglutely!”  Eager to be a part of anything involving fashion, I was both excited and anxious not knowing what to expect especially never having worked in retail.

I’m not one for large crowds, I am an introvert and get my energy from being on my own so going to a festival is something I don’t do, at least not until Littlegig.

Let me just say, I have been converted, I will go to Littlegig every year of my life and this is why:

Littlegig broke my festival cherry and boy am I glad it did. Had my first experience been anywhere else, I think I would have been put off festivals for life. Despite the fact that I was under the weather on the day,  with a two-day old migraine and a runny nose, I put on my fro wig, a leopard-print jumpsuit, some red lipstick, flats and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

I arrived at the fashion concept store and was given a sexy uniform of a spandex onesie with cutouts on the side. The onesie was a little too large for my petite frame and I felt a little self-conscious with my crutch area on display for the world to see but c’est la vie, I was not about to complain. I felt alive and excited upon seeing the exquisite array of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind fashion items that were on sale. Fringing, feathers, sequins, onesies, tribal, bohemian and vintage items were just a few. Nothing simple, plain or boring at the Littlegig fashion concept store. Georgia’s love and keen eye for fashion are expressed through the unique displays of clothing and accessories at the store. I could not get enough and felt like a kid in a candy store. I was not alone in feeling this way as I noted from the ‘oohing and ahhing’ by some of the Littlegig patrons who came by the store to shop.

From working with a select few local designers like Malcolm Kluk, Crystal Birch, Atang Tshikare and Shirley Fintz to create one-off, hand-made pieces to sourcing several imported vintage pieces from various international costume and festival fashion designers like Sophie Cochevelou (France), each item of clothing was carefully hand-picked to appeal to the flamboyant, creative, confident individual who isn’t shy to stand out.

Marshmallow with marijuana

Although 95% of my time was spent at the concept store, there were other festival highlights like the hair and make-up salon, a forest banquet, live bands, wine tastings, chef-and-farmer tasting experiences and a lake for swimming.

Littlegig has everything you could possibly need, you don’t have to worry about much as you do at most festivals. The ambience can best be described as electrifying yet relaxed, fun and engaging. You also don’t have to pay for anything at the festival except when shopping at the concept store which I would absolutely recommend to anyone who plans to go next year. Some people thought the clothing were too expensive but others who know and appreciate style, quality and individuality did not bat an eye at the prices, one-off pieces don’t come cheap dahling!

Fisher Stevens
With actor and director, Fisher Stevens
Malcolm Kluk and partner Christiaan du Toit at Littlegig concept store

If you love to meet new people, enjoy delicious food, fashion, music, and outdoor activities then you don’t want to miss next year’s festival – I know I won’t. It was without a doubt, the best festival experience of my life and I was working!

For information on Littlegig, visit www.littlegig.co.za.

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