Mr Price to open shop in Australia

I am so happy to hear that Mr Price will be opening in Australia. I love Mr Price and I think their clothes are trendy and affordable. To me Mr Price is like H&M or Primark. I buy Mr Price clothing because their clothes are stylish and reasonably priced but I wouldn’t shop my entire there simply because I like quality and I also wouldn’t want to walk down the street and have someone dressed exactly like me. Because of Mr Price’s affordability, there is no exclusivity and if you want to stand out, I wouldn’t advise you to shop there.

Having said that, it gives me a sense of pleasure and pride to know that an African company can also open shop overseas. For the longest time, it’s always been international companies buying local companies out or setting shop in Africa so it is good to know that a company like Mr Price which started in Durban to open in 440 stores mostly in South Africa can expand outside of Africa to Australia and compete with other international brands like Zara, TopShop or H&M.

“We are thrilled to be opening our doors in the heart of Melbourne,” Mr Price managing director, Nicci Lyne said. “We believe fashion is for everyone which is why we offer the latest looks at an everyday great price.”

I salute Mr Price for their bravery but I also wonder why they didn’t choose to expand into other parts of Africa before moving overseas. I also wonder if Mr Price will make it overseas with such fierce competition from international brands like Zara or H&M.

What are your thoughts?

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Image from BDLive by Michael Ettershank

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