My spring/summer fragrance

I love all things beauty which is one of the biggest challenge of my life. What’s a girl with a penchant for spending to do when she has limited funds?!!! I have been wearing fragrances, expensive ones too since before I was a teenager and have always enjoyed the thrill of having a particular scent associated with me.

The older I got, the more I experimented with fragrances and even though I do not have a favourite fragrance, I have a particular type of scent I love and ones that I absolutely can’t stand.

I always have more than one perfume in rotation, at any given time. To have one perfume to me is like having one arm – limiting. You should be able to change your fragrance like you change your outfit or make-up.

This spring/summer, I am liking the Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfume spray. This scent is light yet rich, infused with violet, damask rose and tart blackberry. I love the subtlety of the fragrance and is why it is my day perfume this season. It was a gift so I’m not sure if and where it is sold in South Africa but you can probably order it  here

Love and kisses!

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