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My Top 5 Style Don’ts

What is style? Style is not fashion, it does not buy into trends.  Style is an extension of yourself; knowing who you are and dressing to complement your body shape and personality.

Style comes naturally to some while others have to learn it.  I’d like to think that my style has evolved over the years. Gone are the days when I would go OTT (Over The Top) and match my accessories with my outfit. For instance, if I carried a pink purse, then my earring, shoes and watch also had to be pink. Yes, I was that ridiculous.

On my journey towards style discovery, I have come to learn that style is not about intimidation or dressing to impress. It is less about who you’re wearing and more about how you wear it.

Style leaves a longer lasting impression than fashion and it is the reason why I have compiled my list of  5 Style Don’ts:

  1. Don’t be matchy-matchy

    When you’re too matchy-matchy, you give off the impression that you’ve got no style and are trying a little bit too hard. Style is open to different interpretations but trying too hard is not one of them.

    2. Don’t match your shoes with your bag

    Similar to the above point, matching your shoes to your bag is a bit “grandmaesque”. In other words, it’s outdated. Please don’t do it unless you’re going for a granny Sue look.

    3. Don’t do the print-on-print trend

    Mixing patterns requires some skills. So, if you’re still a novice don’t join the bandwagon or else you end up looking silly.

4. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or too short

Style is the opposite of tight-fitting clothes. Your clothes should fit like they’re made for you but not look like you’re wearing your younger sister’s outfit.

5. Don’t wear fake designer items

Since we’ve already established that style isn’t about who you’re wearing, I guess I should also stress that wearing a fake is a no-no. If you can afford to buy the real shit then why not? But don’t think carrying a fake designer bag will make you look expensive because it won’t. It will only make you look fake and pathetic to those who can spot the difference.

I hope you’ve found this post helpful? Comment below if you have more don’ts to add to my list.

In the words of Gianni Versace:

“don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide who you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live”.

Fake LV purse image courtesy of Aliexpress.

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