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I don’t like being called a fashion blogger, I prefer the term, style blogger. The reason is because a fashion blogger is more about fashion and trends and a style blogger is a broader term which encompasses both fashion and style. A style blogger isn’t obsessed with getting the latest and trendiest thing, they are rather concerned with personal style, knowing how to dress for your body shape and breaking the boundaries of fashion. I am by no means a breaker of boundaries but I can say, I know how to dress for my body and can advise on what looks good on someone else and what does not.

I love Vintage, retro, avant-garde, contemporary and classic clothing items. I think this is part of what differentiates me from a ‘fashion blogger’. I won’t buy a clothing item because it’s on trend, I will buy it because I like it so even if the whole world were to go crazy for a particular style, if I don’t like it, I’m not going to spend my hard earned money on it, no, thank you.

Which brings me to Vintage style clothing. I love vintage wear, not to be confused with second-hand clothing. I explain the difference in a previous post here. Vintage clothing is any clothing item that communicates the style of an earlier decade, so 1920’s 1960’s or 1970.
Vintage clothing is generally used to refer to authentic clothing and has typically been worn/owned by someone else. Vintage style is feminine, unique, elegant and great quality, all reasons why I love it. People often make the mistake of confusing vintage with second hand – they are NOT the same thing! For instance, I could like a particular style from the 1930’s and buy fabric, take it to a dressmaker and ask him/her to create the same style. In this hypothetical case, my tailor made outfit would be brand new, never been worn by anyone, just made to resemble a particular style.

On the other hand, second hand is quite simply clothing that has been owned and quite often worn by someone else. It won’t be second hand if it hasn’t been worn by someone else but it can be vintage and never been worn by anyone else.

As I mentioned earlier, I have an affinity for vintage clothing and I don’t have an issue with wearing something that has been worn or owned by someone else especially if it is clean and in good condition. I remember one of my favourite things to do when I lived in the UK was to go to vintage stores and charity shops. Depending on the charity shop you go to, you may find some exquisite gems. Cape Town also has some amazing Vintage stores, perhaps I’ll write a post on that someday.

Vintage clothing is quite simply special and if I had to choose a style of clothing to stick to (although I like the diversity of my wardrobe), I will go vintage.

What are your thoughts on vintage style clothing?

Dress: Vintage

Tights: Almost Famous

Choker: Lovisa

Sunnies: Legit

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