New Clothes Are New Friends – Kimono Styled in 3 Ways

I believe it was Coco Chanel who said: “Old clothes are old friends”.  I can completely relate to this because just as old clothes are old friends, new clothes are new friends.

My dad tells me all the time that I have too many clothes. I, on the other hand, don’t think I have enough. What woman does?! Each item of clothing in my wardrobe has a special meaning to me. They hold special memories like the dress I wore on my first date with an ex, the shirt and skirt I wore for my graduation or even the lucky number I wore to my first job interview.  Some clothes I give away to charity or to friends so as to make space for new clothes, but there are others I cannot bear to part with because of the emotional attachment I have to them. These are usually clothing items given to me by my family members.

If you read my posts as frequently as I hope you do then you would know that I have been in Nigeria for the past seven months. I came for a four-week vacation that has turned into 28 weeks. I’ve come to terms with most of the things that I found challenging about being back home but what continues to frustrate me is my limited wardrobe.

When I packed for Nigeria 7 months ago, I packed just enough shoes and clothes to last me a maximum of four weeks. Let me just say that I am now bored of my old friends – I need new friends.  I saw this tribal patterned kimono on a Nigerian clothing brand’s Instagram page and I knew I had to have it. Before I purchased it, I had already thought of several different ways to style it.  One of the things I love about style is the creative aspect.  If my limited wardrobe has taught me anything, it is how to be creative with my clothes. Just because I have to repeat clothes doesn’t mean I have to be boring about it.

Today, I’m sharing 3 looks wearing 1 kimono:

Look 1 

Look 2

Look 3

Which of the three looks is your favourite?

Kimono – Slay on a Budget


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