Orange or Mustard Yellow – Which Colour do You See?

Undoubtedly, each of us sees things differently. The optimist sees the cup half full and the pessimist sees it half empty. But what colour is this dress? Do you see orange or mustard yellow?

I threw this question to my followers on Instagram a few days ago and I was stunned by their responses. 98% think this flared sleeve dress is mustard yellow. The tag on the dress also claims mustard yellow but it is orange!

Even though I am not the most skilled when it comes to identifying colours, I cannot see yellow when I look at this dress.

Image Source – Know your meme

My orange or mustard yellow dress debate comes at a time when the internet is going crazy over Yanny or Laurel.  What do you see? Yanny or Laurel? You may see both but what was the first name you saw?

Image Source – Business Insider

Same with the white and gold or blue and black dress from three years ago. To this day, I see white and gold. What do you see?

We all see things differently. What you see isn’t necessarily what someone else sees but you’re likely to think the person who doesn’t see what you see is crazy or think you are crazy for not seeing what the other person sees.

Seeing things differently doesn’t make you right or abnormal. It is our differences that make us unique. The problem is some people cannot accept that we’re different. They want to impose their views and force you to see what they see. They are convinced that their way is the only way and are inflexible when it comes to seeing a different colour from what their eyes and brain tell them.

This is wrong. We must learn to be tolerant and accepting of people’s differences understanding that just because I see things differently from you doesn’t make you right and me wrong, and vice-versa.

Live and let live. Happy Sunday!

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Flared Orange Dress – Legit

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