Lashes are a girl’s best friend!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I disagree, I think lashes are a girl’s best friend and for many reasons too! Lashes are inexpensive and totally enhance any look. Whether you’ve got make-up on or no make-up a good set of falsies can make any girl look beautiful.

I am what you call a “girly girl” or a “womanly woman”. I love playing dress up and I love make-up so when it comes to anything that enhances your beauty, best believe I know all about it. I love getting my lashes done at the beauty spa but quickly realised that not only would they itch, they would sometimes sting when my eyes get teary and are uncomfortable at times. The worst part is not being able to run your hands through your face when you wash and the horror of having clumps of lashes fall out and being forced to make a speedy visit to the spa for a refill so you don’t end up looking like a 50 cent hooker is more than I can handle.

Why do we get our lashes done when they cause such discomfort? I soon realised that as much as I loved the effect having falsies gave me, the discomfort and suffering I had to endure was not worth it. The most disappointing of all about individual lashes/cluster lashes is that they often come off with your lashes and you end up looking ‘eyelash bald’ for a week or so. They also damage your eyelashes in the long run; I noticed that my lashes now seem to be receding in some areas.

However, none of these stopped me from fantasising about lashes and so after watching numerous Youtube videos, I got the hang of “strip lashes”. Strip lashes do not do any of the things I mentioned earlier, they simply enhance and cause no damage to your lashes if done correctly. They also come off easily with no fuss once you’re ready to take them out. So whether you’re going to a wedding, date, birthday party, or just for the hell of it, strip lashes are the way to go. They can also be used more than once depending on brand and how you care for them.

I recently did a fashion post here and felt the need to go the extra mile so I purchased the Clicks eyelashes for just R39.95 in “enhance your eye contour” and “fuller dramatic lashes”.  I used the enhance your eye contour lashes for a more natural look. All you need to apply these lashes are your hands, toothpick, eyelash curler and glue which came with the lashes, in this case.



False lashes isn’t for everyone so if you’re happy with what God gave you and all you want to do is enhance your natural lashes, use five coats of your favourite mascara and your lashes will go from “bleh”to “wow” with little to no fuss.

If you want to see how I applied the lashes, leave a comment below.