Simi, singer and songwriter appreciation. Winner of AFRIMA 2017 songwriter of the year

Simi appreciation

My taste in music is eclectic. I listen to anything that sounds good, be it rock, pop, country, afrobeat, jazz or whatever.

Although where I am at a particular time tends to determine the genre of music I listen to the most. Since I came back home to Nigeria more than 7 months ago, I have been listening to a lot of Nigerian music. In just 7 months, I’ve discovered some cool artists like Show Dem Camp, Falz, Ycee, Maleek Berry, Seyi Sey and Simi whose music I enjoy.

Simi is a female Nigerian singer and songwriter who recently won an award for songwriter of the year at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2017. I was introduced to Simi’s music late this year when I was watching TRACE music channel. Soldier, a song by Falz featuring Simi came on. I found the video very entertaining. In it, a young lieutenant, played by Falz, seriously pursues to the point of harassing a young village girl (Simi). I couldn’t get over Simi’s sassiness and her beautiful, melodic voice. I’ve watched the music video at least 20 times now and it never gets old. You can watch it here.

Another song by Simi that I love is Joromi. I don’t actually know what the word means but the song is about a girl who fancies a guy. She gives him subtle hints but, you know guys are slow so he doesn’t get it at first but he eventually does and they live happily ever after or so I’d like to think. You can watch the video of Joromi here.


I went to see Simi Live at Hard Rock Cafe and here’s what I thought

I was extremely lucky to have been offered two free tickets to watch Simi Live at Hard Rock Café Lagos last Sunday courtesy of Nothing To Do In Lagos (NTDIL). I had no intention of leaving my house on that Sunday. I tend to spend my Sundays indoors blogging and preparing for the week ahead but tickets to see Simi was something I couldn’t refuse.

Even though I was given two tickets I ended up using only one because I went solo – a first for me. Who goes to a live show alone? Only loners like me but don’t feel sorry for me, I had fun.

The show was supposed to start at 8 pm but it started a little later as is to be expected. I went dressed in all black because I was trying to be obscure. Wallflower is the look I was going for.

Simi eventually came on after a few opening acts. She was wearing a glittery, rainbow coloured Michael Jacksonesque jacket. Her hair was cornrowed with platinum blonde ombre extensions. She looked like you’d expect of a performer. The crowd went wild when she came on stage and I with them (in my head).

She started by saying a few words to the crowd and it got a little emo. You could tell she was appreciative of the turnout and she even said she loved me. Okay, she was addressing the crowd but I was part of the crowd so I guess she loves me.

The space where the performance was held was quite small for the number of people it held. It became a little too crowded when Simi came on stage as people crowded the area like bees drawn to honey. I was so hot and constricted in the space that I spent more time outside trying to get some air than I did inside.

However, what I did see of the performance was great. She got to perform my two favourite songs of hers; Joromi and Soldier.

What you may not know is that Simi is better looking in person. I mean, she’s pretty on TV but she’s even prettier in person. She was full of energy, radiant, warm and bubbly. She danced, sang and did both with a smile on her face for most of the night. Her melodic voice wasn’t so evident over the microphone but I guess that is to be expected when someone sings and dances at the same time.

The crowd cheered louder when Falz came on stage and the chemistry between the two artists was palpable.

I hear that Adekunle Gold also performed with Simi on stage but I didn’t get to see the performance. I was either outside getting some air or had gone home as I was there for just under two hours.

I’m glad I got to see Simi live on stage and I am so thankful to Nothing To Do In Lagos for giving me the opportunity to do so.

I would have preferred the performance to have been on a Saturday night instead of Sunday. But it was nice to do something so out of character for a change.

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Cover image of Simi by @fullish_art on Instagram.

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