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Soft Glam Makeup Look on Dark Skin

A soft glam makeup look is different from a ‘glam’  or an ‘everyday’ makeup look. The smokey eye look is so 1999, the most replicated makeup look in the beauty world is the soft glam look.


This makeup look can be worn on a normal day, runnings errands, out with friends or even to a wedding.  While a glam look is strictly for special occasions and an everyday makeup look would be subtle enough to wear to work.

I am by no means a makeup expert but I’m that girl that loves any and everything feminine. I have also been wearing makeup since the age of 12/13 years – so I do know a thing or two.

I created this soft glam makeup look using  BH Cosmetics ItsMyRayeRaye – 21 Color Eyeshadow, Highlighter & Contour Palette  – R679 including delivery from Makeupshack  (currently sold out) and Femme Luxe lashes – R190 excluding delivery fee.

  • The eyeshadow colours I used are Midnight, Control Freak, Black Beauty, Sunset, Friday, Connie and Fairytale.
  • No makeup look is complete without lashes. I used the Luxe Lashes in Femme.



Contour darling!

To contour my cheekbones, I used the shade ‘brownie’. My ultimate FAVOURITE, FAVOURITE, F-A-V-O-U-R-I-T-E  highlighter is Moonlight. It looks white but appears yellowish gold on my cheekbones. It’s the best I’ve come across yet, super pigmented and lasts more than 10hrs.

Are you a fan of the soft glam look? Would you replicate this makeup look?


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