Stressed, Depressed But Still Well-Dressed

Ha!  Did my title catch your attention? I thought it would. I may be stressed but I’m not depressed. I stay well-dressed though, that’s nothing new. 😉

I know I’ve been absent on here for a whole month and for that I am sorry.  I  sometimes get into that space where I feel overwhelmed and stressed out because I have lots to do and don’t know where to start.

I have since learnt that you start by starting. I even posted an image of this exact saying on my Instagram so it would be ridiculous not to follow my own advice, no?

I love blogging. I enjoy sharing my style and thoughts with you guys. I suppose I want to show my appreciation by being consistent and sticking to my regular weekly schedule of posting every Sunday. I’d like to post twice a week but I can barely keep up with once a week as it is.  We must learn to crawl before we walk or so I keep telling myself but just bear with me.

Today’s look is a dress I bought from Inighi, an online Nigerian clothing brand. The dress was supposed to be worn on my birthday last month but I went with a different look instead and only wore it this past weekend on an outing to the movies.

Thoughts on the look?

Pencil Dress – Inighi

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Maison Coquette

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