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Styling your bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is one of those perennial fashion trends. It’s like a revolving door – on trend every season, each year. For this reason, the bomber jacket is a must-have for any fashionista worth her salt.

I love any item of clothing that can be styled in different ways. Half the fun of styling is being able to create different looks with one item.

The bomber jacket is really a fashion MVP. You can wear it in the summer, spring,  autumn and maybe even winter but the key is layering.

Still not sold or you’re wondering how to wear them? Well, styling a bomber jacket is easy so long as you choose the right one.  Bomber jackets come in so many different colours, prints and patterns so choosing one that suits you is the first key to styling your jacket.

Bomber jackets are multifunctional and can be worn with a dress, skirt, pants or jeans. You can go from athleisure in your bomber jacket by just changing your sneakers to heels.

The bomber jacket makes up the right mixture of streetwear and tomboy both of which are currently finding their way into women’s fashion.

For this post, I’ve created two looks; smart-casual and formal.  The smart-casual look which I paired with jeans and heels can just as easily be casual with a change of shoes.

Look 1

Black and gold bomber jacket – Jaymodiva

Choker – Own design

Skinny jeans – Woolworths

Heels – Next

Look 2

Black and gold bomber jacket – Jaymodiva

Dress – Own design

Sunglasses – Quay Australia

Images by Swizz Pixels

How do you style your bomber jacket?

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