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Summer, Summer, Summertime – Swimwear Edition

Summer is here which means it is swimwear season. Queue the beach, yacht and pool parties.

But first, did you know that understanding your body shape is paramount to getting the right swimwear.

For example, I have somewhat of an athletic build, and petite sized boobs so if I am to wear a bikini top, I like it to be padded. I would most likely buy swimwear that flatters other parts of my body that I don’t mind being on display, like my back.

I also don’t like my butt cheeks hanging out in a bikini so you will most likely find me in fully covered briefs.

No matter your body shape, we all want to look hot and sexy in swimwear. Here are some helpful tips from Lauren Conrad on the best swimwear for your body shape: https://bit.ly/2qmLxSi


TipIf you can, buy your swimwear at the store ( so you can try it on) because buying online is always a gamble when it comes to fitting. There’s always a chance it will be too small or too big and most stores don’t offer exchanges or refunds on swimwear and underwear. 

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