Summer Yellow; Hello Mellow Yellow!

‘Summer Yellow; Hello Mellow Yellow!’ See what I did there?

Yellow is one of my favourite colours. It’s bright, bold and happy. What’s not to love?

I was window shopping at Ikota Shopping Complex one weekend when I stumbled upon this yellow playsuit. The colour caught my eye followed by the style. It looked cute, playful with just the right amount of sexy that I couldn’t help but try it on.

Ever try something on and pray it’s ill-fitting because even though you like it, you don’t want to have to pay for it?

Well, that was me.  I said a silent prayer and crossed my fingers hoping to look like a banana, banana in pyjamas to be exact but instead, I looked like a fine piece of yellow candy which meant I had to own it

I am quite slim and there’s not much flesh on most parts of my body which makes my upper back and legs my best most flattering features.  When styling, it’s important to know your best assets so you can dress to enhance them.

The fact that the playsuit is in one of my favourite colours and showed my two favourite assets, back and legs was all the encouragement I needed to buy it.

I ‘like things’ and love to look nice but I don’t like to pay for these things. My dream is for people to send me free clothing, bags, shoes, makeup and everything else under the sun. Kind of like a celebrity or a blogger/influencer *insert conspiratorial wink*.

When the shopkeeper told me the price of the playsuit – 15 000 NGN – I somehow convinced her to knock off 5000 NGN and sell it to me for  10 000 NGN instead. This is quite a big deal because this was a boutique store, not the market where it’s normal to bargain.

I  got such a thrill and felt like a total badass for managing to get something I like for less the retail price.

Yellow is a great colour for dark skin tone women. It just pops on our skin tone, don’t you think?

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Photography by SwizzPixels

Playsuit and Shoes – Ikota Shopping Complex

Bag – Maisoncoquette

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