Zando Introduces Call It Spring 2016

Zando recently joined forces with the ultimate shoe, handbag and accessories destination, Call It Spring.

“Our brand is for the original thinker. We aim to provide a space where fashion dynamic souls feel free to experiment with their personal style, debut a new look and figure out their personal epitome between individuality and discovery, ” says Meagan Harris, Marketing Manager for Call It Spring.

Envisaged through transnational runway flair with a contemporary twist, the Call It Spring 2016 Collection may be defined by two seasonal ‘must haves’ and three key themes – the single sole heel and over the knee boot in Polished Punk, Modern Vintage and Wild Kingdom.

Polished Punk – black leather and metallic detail take center stage as we give in to our inner rebel.

Modern Vintage – for the cultural nomad with an eclectic mix of exotic prints, folksy hues and worldly embellishment. This theme is retro made with micro-suede and sweater knits with a modern twist.

Wild Kingdom – welcome to the scene where dark romanticism of the Victorian era meets the rugged lifestyle of forest dwellers. Expect faux-fur lining and corset lacing, darker florals and shiny foils.

Product prices range between R349.00 to R1149.00

Visit to shop Call It Spring on Zando.