Shield Eventone for Dark Underarms (Review)

Are dark underarms getting you down? Same. I’ve had dark underarms my whole life but it’s not really bothered me until recently.

As a style and beauty blogger, I’m often filming, shooting different looks and I find myself feeling self-conscious when my arms are raised. With pictures, I can always use Photoshop to lighten my underarms, but with videos, there’s no covering it up.

My underarms – which as a result of the dark tone – resembles a hairy armpit and is visible for all to see whenever my arms are raised.

I had almost resigned myself to living with the embarrassment of dark underarms for the rest of my life when I was selected by Beauty Bulletin, as one of the lucky few to take part in the Shield Eventone 7-day challenge.

About The Shield Eventone Deodorant

The Shied Eventone deodorant is said to specifically target dark underarms and gradually even it out over time, in 7 days!  The deodorant is new to the market and contains vitamin b3 which works to reduce the appearance of dark underarms.

The Shield Eventone deodorant is also said to protect you from sweat and odour.

I’ve been using the deodorant spray for over 10 days now and I keep getting questions on Instagram with people wanting to know if it works.

Well, today is the day that I share all.

Here are my list of pros & cons using the Shield Eventone deodorant

It has a fresh, fragrant scent. Not a scent that I’m used to, but not unpleasant so I’m not complaining.
Easy application.  It is easy to use, just spray under your armpits or if you’re using roll-on, roll on your pits.
It is alcohol-free. Always a plus in my books. Alcohol products can be very drying on the skin.
Contains vitamin b3 complex. This vitamin works to target and even out dark underarms.
Affordable and accessible. It is cheaper than the other two brands of deodorant that I typically use and you can get it at your nearest Clicks store.
It doesn’t stain or leave white marks. This is definitely a bonus because even some deodorants that claim not to leave marks white stains do.


It doesn’t provide 24hr odour control. I found that while I participated in very little physical activities, I didn’t stay smelling fresh for more than a few hours in the 3 days using this product. But I can’t say that’s the case anymore because I seem to maintain a fresh scent even after 24hrs so maybe that had more to do with my body getting used to the product.

Finally, I guess what you really want to know is if it worked to reduce dark marks? Honestly, not from what I can see. From my before and after picture, it’s difficult to tell and in real life, my underarms look the same which is disappointing because I was very hopeful.

Some individuals who took part in this challenge did see results, while others, like myself, did not. So I guess it worked for some and not for others, although I can’t say why.

I’ll give it a month and check back, but for now, I can’t confidently say that I noticed a difference. Can you see a difference?

Based on my experience, I wouldn’t recommend it for dark underarms because it has yet to work for me. However, because results vary, you may want to try it out if you have no other alternative. Price-wise, it is affordable so even if it doesn’t work to even your underarms, you can simply use it as a deodorant.

The Shield Eventone deodorant is available for both men and women.  150ml spray bottle (R24.99) and roll-on bottle (R18.99) is sold at Clicks.

Check out  #helloeventoneSA on Instagram for more reviews of the Shield Eventone deodorant.