Awaken Grace

Jackie Burger’s Salon 58

I had the privilege of attending my first ever Jackie Burger soiree, an event that took place last week Saturday, 13 August 2016 at the P.J Olivier Art Centre. The theme for the show was Awaken Grace in celebration of Women’s Month.

Jackie Burger is a South African style icon, she was an editor at Elle magazine and holds a lot of clout in the South African fashion industry – she is sort of like the Anna Wintour of South Africa except she is much more experimental in her style.

Skipping the ‘what to wear’ phase which I will discuss at length in my next post, I arrive at PJ Olivier Art Centre 45 minutes late and slightly harried from having gotten lost trying to find the venue. No idea how long the event was on for, (only thing I knew was the start time) I said a silent prayer hoping I hadn’t paid R650 for a ticket to a show that was only one hour long. Thankfully, this was not the case and the show ran till after 4pm, as I later discovered.

While we were all sipping Graham Beck champers, guests were introduced to the various aspects around the theme for the day which was focused on the five senses – sound, sight, sense, touch and taste.

Jacquie drew on her own journey that sprung from a growing desire to find balance and perspective in her own life. “We live in a progressively desensitised world where we are observers rather than participants. I, too, fell into a rut of chasing the next big thing instead of living in the now and allowing myself to give and receive with grace.

“The word ‘surrender’ comes to mind: to surrender to and embrace a more conscious way of living; to allow ourselves to fuel our senses with the beauty of our surroundings and find solace and inspiration in our unique sense of self”, she explains.  She then opens the event by inviting the guests to a consultation by the Mac cosmetics team who helped us find the shade of red lipstick to suit our skin and style. That day, I found that I could use a mix of Night Moth lip liner and Ruby Woo lipstick to get a shade of red that matched beautifully with my skin tone and outfit.

We enjoyed a five-course ‘taste sensation’ designed and presented by Johnny Hamman and Marius Uys of Slippery Spoon Kitchen in collaboration with Woolworths Food and Beaumont Wines. Then there was a hair show by Dawid Kriel of Institute Aesthetic, a conversation with Dr Yvette de Villiers on the importance of living with grace, a library production of the iconic white shirt in collaboration with Habits and many more.

Jackie is an inspiration, I found myself drawn to her easy grace and charming personality. I love seeing women in power and particularly love seeing women uplift one another which is really what the event was about. I will gladly pay R650 to attend the next event and would definitely recommend it to others looking to be inspired and to enrich their lives.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Awaken-Grace_Salon58_2Guests at the eventAwaken-Grace_Salon58_3

Awaken-Grace_Salon58_8The right shade of red administered by the Mac cosmetics teamAwaken-Grace_Salon58_9Me getting my lips done with Mac Night Moth lip liner and Ruby Woo lipstickAwaken-Grace_Salon58_4The headphone had an audio recording of someone chewing something crunchy. We were asked to listen to the recording while eating our first course. It was a rather bizarre experience.Awaken-Grace_Salon58_11Our first course Awaken-Grace_Salon58_5Display by Wild Olive African Artisan Apothecary Awaken-Grace_Salon58_7Display by Wild Olive African Artisan ApothecaryAwaken-Grace_Salon58_6Display by Wild Olive African Artisan Apothecary Awaken-Grace_Salon58_13Hair ‘show and tell’ by Dawid Kriel of Institute AestheticAwaken-Grace_Salon58_14Hair ‘show and tell’ by Dawid Kriel of Institute AestheticAwaken-Grace_Salon58_15Hair ‘show and tell’ by Dawid Kriel of Institute AestheticAwaken-Grace_Salon58_12Second Course

Awaken-Grace_Salon58_16Third CourseAwaken-Grace_Salon58_17Fourth and most delicious courseAwaken-Grace_Salon58_20Fifth Course – DessertAwaken-Grace_Salon58_19Fashion showcase by Habits on the quintessential white shirt

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If there are other events like this one that uplifts and encourages women, please share in the comment section because sharing is caring. Xo.